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Academic Affairs Coordinator



Schedule events and meetings for a university.

What does an Academic Affairs Coordinator do?

An Academic Affairs Coordinator keeps a university’s education-related programs and systems running smoothly. Providing clerical support to leadership, faculty, and staff, you ensure that administrative tasks are taken care of so the university can achieve its main goal: providing top-notch education.

This position requires extremely strong organizational and communication skills, which are put to use daily.

Your responsibilities include scheduling appointments, classes, and presentations for a variety of people. For example, alongside the Academic Affairs Director and Human Resources Manager, you schedule faculty orientations for new employees. Coordinating so many meetings and events means you must possess outstanding attention to detail and as well as the ability to multitask.

It is also your job to cross-reference and triple check teaching assignments and faculty files, so that errors and conflicts can be discovered before they go “live” to the staff and students. Your ability to propose solutions will be directly proportionate to your level of communication skills.

Courses in time management, public speaking, and computer science make this busy position manageable. A strong background in English provides the basis needed for compiling reports and correspondence for internal and external use. Other necessary skills include filing, typing, collating, and copying to make the office work like a well-oiled machine. Also, knowledge of institutions of higher education is often required.

But this job comes with great perks: the hours are dependable, the working conditions favorable, and you may even get snow days!

Knowledge of higher educational institutions is often required, gained through employment, education, or attendance. Brush up on those computer skills, as you’re expected to be proficient with different types of computers and software. This secretarial-like position requires a pleasant attitude and a smile at all times. The hours are dependable, the working conditions favorable, and you may even get snow days!

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