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3D Modeler

3D Modeler


Create digital models that can be viewed from all angles.

What does a 3D Modeler do?

A 3D Modeler has a fairly descriptive title: You create three-dimensional computer models. Your models represent an object from all angles, and give viewers the ability to digitally enhance those angles so they can better understand the object. Your skills as a 3D Modeler are demanded in all sorts of industries—you might create 3D models of human organs to help in medical research, model potential video game characters, make a representation of a proposed hotel development, or depict the chemical chain in a new drug being developed.

Although the algorithms that base computer modeling programs are extremely complex, software has made its interface user-friendly so 3D Modelers don’t require math PhD to work the programs. This means that many workers have adopted 3D modeling as a specialized skill rather than a specific career. For example a Chemical Research Engineer will know how to create 3D models of chemical molecules.

However there is still a field of practicing 3D Modelers who work under the title of that name. These expert Modelers tend to work in video gaming or film—places that rely heavily on digital imaging for their entire product. In this position your daily tasks will be computer focused and project specific. You translate sketches or ideas into models so as to test structural feasibility of an object, or more accurately represent the finished product. There is a good deal of overlap with career_link 3d-animators in this work as they too perform advanced work using 3D graphics programs.

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