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3D Animator

3D Animator


Bring illustrated objects to life for movies and video games.

What does a 3D Animator do?

3D Animators work with computer technology to digitally model and manipulate computer images. Your job is to make a flat image walk, talk, and bounce like a three-dimensional object.

To do this you use computer programs that incorporate principles of physics to create the most life-like simulations possible. 3D Animators can even measure how things move in the real world, then use data to translate such movement to computer images.

This technology lets you replicate human motion more accurately than ever before possible. Think of the opportunity this presents: For ages people have been interested in representing human life, be it through painting, sculpture, or puppets. At your disposal is the technology to bring you closer to realistic representation than ever before possible.

To operate such life-imbuing programs is a technically challenging and complex endeavor. 3D Animators must learn to use computer algorithms to simulate gravity, and create virtual skeletons to manipulate the mesh rigging that controls your animation. So before you can use these features you need a specialized knowledge set based in computer graphics and animation software programs.

Your work-progress goes through three phases: First you create a 3D model of your object. This is generally based on a two dimensional sketch. You then plot the animation or movement of your object. Finally you create a 3D rendering of the object, or an image of the object that will hold its movement and vivacity in a two dimensional setting.

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