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Career Profiles: Most Popular

Pet Food Tester

Make sure pet food is not only nutritious but also tasty.

Bail Enforcement Agent

Chase after people who have skipped out on their court date.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Care for wild animals so they can be returned to their natural habitat.

Water Slide Tester

Try out water slides to see if they're both enjoyable and safe.

Weapons Engineer

Design, develop, and test weapons for the government.

Professional Soccer Player

Play in the world's favorite game as a pro footballer.


Tend to the animals at a zoo.

Professional Gamer

Get good enough at video games to enter tournaments and win prize money.

Pet Adoption Counselor

Match pets with potential owners.

Car Porter

Clean, count, and drive vehicles at a car dealership.

Animal Caretaker

Provide for the comfort, health, and well-being of animals.

Celebrity Manager

Make business decisions to maintain your celebrity clients' star status.

Veterinary Nurse

Help care for animals under the guidance of a Veterinarian.

Creative Strategist

Handle both the business and artistic sides of creating ad campaigns.


Research animals in the wild or in captivity.

Animal Shelter Worker

Feed and clean the animals at a shelter.

Chicken Sexer

Determine whether fluffy chicks are male or female by sight alone.

Wolf Biologist

Observe how wolves behave and live.

Food Anthropologist

Examine the role of food in different cultures throughout history.

Snake Milker

Draw venom from snakes to create lifesaving antivenoms.