environmental science jobs

Career Information About Environmental Science Majors

A significant amount of people with this type of degree have chosen to begin their careers in the environmental services and higher education industries. Those who have received an environmental science degree are much more likely to find environmental science jobs and become employed as environmental scientists or biological science technicians. Environmental science majors tend to utilize skills such as environmental science, environmental awareness, environmental policy, and sustainability in their day-to-day practices.

The data to the right shines a light on several companies where environmental science graduates have ended up after finishing school. These companies have historically been some of the most popular employers for environmental science majors.

Let’s zoom in and take a look at some of the most popular cities that graduates have found themselves living in after completing college.

Although there are numerous cities where environmental science jobs are readily available, New York, New York has been one of the most popular, followed by Boston, Massachusetts and Denver, Colorado. In fact, many environmental science majors have decided to stay in these massive urban hubs instead of Seattle, Washington and Chicago, Illinois.

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