electrical engineering jobs

Career Information About Electrical Engineering Majors

Generally speaking, electrical engineering graduates have ended up working in a variety of electrical engineering jobs in the information technology and services, defense & space, and semiconductors industries which accounts for many of the students who graduate with this major. Many graduates who have had electrical engineering experience held titles like electrical engineer, engineer, and software engineers. Being well versed in skills such as electrical engineering, electronics, and c programming may also help electrical engineering majors in their job search.

The data to the right shines a light on several companies where electrical engineering graduates have started their careers after finishing school. These companies have historically been some of the most common employers for electrical engineering majors.

Where have electrical engineering majors settled in after graduating?

The state of New York, specifically New York City, has been one of the most popular destinations for those seeking electrical engineering jobs. However, despite its popularity, other cities like San Francisco, California and Chicago, Illinois also make the top of the list. Combined, these three cities have housed many electrical engineering professionals.

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