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Career Information About Education Majors

Generally speaking, education graduates have ended up working in a variety of education jobs in the education management, primary/secondary education, and higher education industries which accounts for many of the students who graduate with this major. One of the most frequently held first job title for post grads is teacher, which is more than twice popular than other job titles like elementary school teachers and english teachers. Some accounting majors began their careers as administrative assistants and retail sales associate. Being well versed in skills such as teaching, curriculum development, and curriculum design may also help education majors in their job search.

The data to the right shines a light on several companies where education graduates have started their careers after receiving their diploma. These companies have historically been some of the most popular employers for education majors.

Education jobs are available in many cities across the country, of which Chicago, Illinois has been one of the most popular, followed by New York, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In fact, many education majors have chosen to stay in these massive cities over Atlanta, Georgia and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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