criminal justice and corrections jobs

Career Information About Criminal Justice and Corrections Majors

The retail and government administration industries have been some of the most popular fields for students who have majored in criminal justice and corrections to find themselves in after college. A number of post grads start working as either paralegals, administrative assistants, or retail sales associates, while others work as customer service representatives and case managers. Being well versed in skills such as criminal justice, enforcement, and police may also help criminal justice and corrections majors in their job search.

Top Employers

Some of the largest criminal justice and corrections job providers are listed on the right-hand side of this page. Together, they account for numerous job placements that attract criminal justice and corrections graduates.

Common Cities for Criminal Justice And Corrections Majors

Criminal justice and corrections job opportunities are available in many cities, of which New York, New York has been one of the most popular, followed by Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois. In fact, a significant amount of criminal justice and corrections majors have preferred to stay in these massive cities instead of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia.

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