behavioral sciences jobs

Career Information About Behavioral Sciences Majors

A large number of people with this type of degree have chosen to start their career path in the hospital & health care and higher education industries. Many graduates who have had behavioral sciences experience held titles such as teacher, administrative assistant, and elementary school teachers. Being well versed in skills such as management, research, and social media may also help behavioral sciences majors in their job search.

Some of the largest behavioral sciences job providers are listed on the right-hand side of this page. These large corporations each employ many former behavioral sciences students.

Where have behavioral sciences majors settled in after graduating?

The state of New York, specifically New York City, has been one of the most popular destinations for those seeking behavioral sciences jobs. However, despite its popularity, other cities like Chicago, Illinois, and Boston, Massachusetts top the list as well. Combined, these three cities have accommodated a significant amount of behavioral sciences professionals.

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