aerospace engineering jobs

Career Information About Aerospace Engineering Majors

The aviation & aerospace and defense & space industries have been two of the top fields for students who have an aerospace engineering degree. Over a quarter of post grads start working as either engineers, mechanical engineers, or systems engineers, while others work as project engineers and software engineers. Aerospace engineering majors tend to utilize skills such as aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, aerospace, and aircraft design in their day-to-day practices.

Popular Employers

The companies shown on the right represents some of the largest providers of aerospace engineering jobs. These corporations each employ a number of former aerospace engineering students.

Common Cities for Aerospace Engineering Majors

Aerospace engineering job opportunities are available in many cities across the country, of which Los Angeles, California has been one of the most popular, followed by Houston, Texas, and Seattle, Washington. In fact, many aerospace engineering majors have decided to stay in these massive urban hubs instead of Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California.

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