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Top Ten Jobs for People Who Hate Cubicles

Get away from the desk and into your job—no chair required.

1) Animal Trainer/Breeder/Caretaker — Work as a Zookeeper, train dogs for security work, breed horses, become a Farrier, or get a job as an Animal Handler for the circus.

2) Welder — Welding definitely keeps you off your bum. Find a job in a factory, work on a construction site as a Structural Welder, or even get your Commercial Diver ‘s card and become an Underwater Welder.

3) Construction Worker — There are myriad jobs to be done on a construction site that don’t involve a desk. Wield a hammer, or become an Electrician, Plumber, or Crane Operator.

4) Pilot — Most people think of commercial airlines when they hear ” Pilot.” What about a Crop Duster, Search and Rescue Pilot, or Test Pilot?

5) Logger — Drive a bulldozer, brandish a chainsaw, or become a Choker Setter. There are no false walls in Mother Nature’s office.

6) Miner — If you don’t mind getting dirty, mining is a great way to avoid the cubicle. Drive heavy equipment, manage the mine carts, or work your way into the Supervisor ‘s hat.

7) Photographer — Outdoor, indoor, traveling for National Geographic, weddings, senior pictures, family photos—lots of options, all sans the cubicle.

8) Mechanic — Working on cars will certainly keep you out of an office chair. But don’t stop there. What about becoming an Aviation Mechanic or a Marine Mechanic?

9) Actor — Yes, it’s a job, and one that spurs your creative side. Be a regular in local community theater productions, hit Broadway, or showcase your skills in Hollywood.

10) Sales Associate — From auto parts to shoes, this job gets you out of the cubicle and interacting your workday away.

Careers You May Like


Tend to the animals at a zoo.

Trapeze Artist

Perform breathtaking trapeze stunts for audiences.

Transmission Specialist

Diagnose and fix problems to keep cars shifting smoothly.

Tower Crane Operator

Operate a huge tower crane to move around heavy materials.

Test Pilot

Test-fly and evaluate bleeding edge aerospace designs.

Stunt Pilot

Amaze the world with aeronautical acrobatics.

Spot Welder

Fuse metal together by directing huge amounts of energy into small areas.


Build canoes, small fishing craft, or large cargo ships.

Service Plumber

Specialize in residential piping and sewer system maintenance.

Racing Mechanic

Tune up high-end cars to maximize performance and minimize weight.

Prop Maker

Construct life-like props for use on film sets and stages.

Pet Groomer

Make pets look and smell good.

Pet Adoption Counselor

Match pets with potential owners.

Motorcycle Mechanic

Fix motorcycle engines with expert repair techniques.


Work deep underground to extract useful minerals.


Amuse audiences with exaggerated, wordless acts.


Give the impression of being able to read minds.


Perform astounding acts of illusion for audiences.


Chop down trees with chainsaws and hitch logs to extractors.

Insect Wrangler

Handle insects for film shoots.

Industrial Electrician

Wire and install electronic components in factories, plants, and mills.

Horse Trainer

Get horses in perfect shape for shows.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Repair and maintain big tools like backhoes, fire trucks, and cranes.

Golf Ball Diver

Recover sunken "treasure" in the water hazards of country clubs.

Garage Door Installer

Hang metal tracks and motors to install automatic garage doors.


Oversee on-set electricians to keep the lights and cameras in action.


Fit horses with shoes to help them walk on hard surfaces.


Fill a background, non-speaking role in a movie or TV show.

Explosive Expert

Defuse bombs, consult on mining jobs and advise pyrotechnicians.

Experimental Test Pilot

Evaluate experimental aeronautical designs from inside the cockpit.

Exercise Rider

Ride horses to keep them healthy.

Elephant Trainer

Teach elephants tricks for circus performances.

Dolphin Trainer

Teach dolphins how to perform for an audience.

Dog Handler

Train police and seeing eye dogs or show off your pup at a dog show.

Dairy Farm Worker

Clean dairy cows' udders and hook them up to milking machines.

Crane Operator

Operate massive cranes that move heavy material with dexterity.

Commercial Diver

Work in a wetsuit to make repairs, do research, or explore the seabed.


Do gag routines in a silly costume and elaborate makeup.


Ride the air currents in colorful hot-air balloons.

Automotive Master Mechanic

Troubleshoot and consult on tough repair jobs.

Arc Welder

Melt metal together at exact temperatures to form tight welds.


Set up and maintain aquarium exhibits.

Appliance Mechanic

Fix up household appliances like microwaves, heaters and compactors.

Animal Trainer

Teach pets obedience, train circus animals, or consult on animal problems.

Animal Shelter Worker

Feed and clean the animals at a shelter.


Fashion cabinets, doors, and flooring using different kinds of wood.

Combat Photographer

Take pictures of soldiers and the wars they fight from the front lines.

Aircraft Mechanic

Maintain and repair aircraft and various aircraft systems.


Install and repair plumbing fittings.

Diesel Mechanic

Inspect, repair, and maintain diesel engines.

Construction Laborer

Perform physical labor tasks on highway and other heavy construction projects.


Conduct experiments, maintain satellites, and fly into outer space!

Scientific Photographer

Record scientific data using a camera for organizations or businesses.

animal _caretaker_profile_image
Animal Caretaker

Provide for the comfort, health, and well-being of animals.


Take payments from customers in exchange for goods and services.

Automotive Technician

Test, diagnose, and repair automotive equipment including cars and light trucks.

Stage Actor

Portray characters in theater productions.

Editorial Photographer

Take pictures that make articles jump off the page.

Airline Pilot

Soar the skies behind the flight stick of a commercial jetliner.

Portrait Photographer

Use a camera to capture the look of individuals, families, or groups.

Headshot Photographer

Capture the essence of actors, authors, or models with close-up shots.


Fly from the captain's seat for private, corporate or government airlines.

Film Actor

Play different characters on the big screen.

Aerial Photographer

Snap pictures from high above the ground in a helicopter or airplane.

Fashion Photographer

Snap photos of runway models and the latest designs.


Capture images of the world for newspapers, websites, and art exhibits.


Entertain people through comic acts.


Make and repair metal parts by joining them together in the welding process

Actor and Actress

Portray roles on TV, in movies, or on stage.

Sales Associate

Help your customers chose which products to buy in kiosks and stores.

Travel Photographer

Capture images from around the globe.

Stunt Driver

Do death-defying car exploits for film, TV, or commercials.

Food Photographer

Take close-ups of scrumptious salads, soups, and entres for menus or ads.

Nature Photographer

Snap pictures of landscapes and wildlife for magazines and journals.

Helicopter Pilot

Fly helicopters for various industries and purposes.

Underwater Photographer

Dive below the waves to take pictures of the underwater world.

Helicopter Mechanic

Maintain and repair military and civilian helicopters.

Sports Photographer

Capture images of athletes, sports teams, and crowds in action.

Auto Mechanic

Fix problems and replace broken parts to get cars back on the road.

Unit Stills Photographer

Work on movie sets taking publicity photos of Actors during filming.

Commercial Photographer

Snap photographs for businesses, advertising agencies, and more.

Advertising Photographer

Sell products by shooting photos that say, You want to buy this!


Convey stories with pictures instead of words by capturing stirring images.

Music Photographer

Create images of Musicians at work in the studio.

Forensic Photographer

Record images of crime scenes and victims to bring about justice.

Equestrian Photographer

Capture the majesty and power of horses in an image.

Voice Over Actor

Lend your voice to animated movies, commercials, or audio books.

Medical Photographer

Capture clear images of surgeries for medical school textbooks.

Toll Collector

Collect toll from motorists.

Fine Arts Photographer

Create photographic works of art.

Architectural Photographer

Use skillful photography to make buildings and homes look their best.


Install and repair electronics and wiring of all sizes and voltages.

Wildlife Photographer

Shoot pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat.