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Top Ten Jobs for Crafty People

If you spend more time in your shop than in front of the television, why not turn that hobby into a career? Find out about schooling, training, and experience requirements for one of these top crafts jobs.

1) Furniture Maker — Manipulate metal or carve wood into whatever design your mind can envision. Each time you start from scratch, you hold the power to create something distinctive.

2) Cabinet Maker — Embellish the face of cabinets, or create a unique cabinet for an unusual space.

3) Ice Sculpturist — This ranks pretty high in the world of top crafty jobs. It takes a special talent to see a peacock in a block of ice. Vision is one thing, but the ability to grab a chainsaw and carve out that ice before the President arrives is quite unique.

4) Metalsmith — Use your metalworking skills to create furniture, jewelry, candle holders, or signs.

5) Seamstress — Turn reams of fabric into beautiful dresses, unique furniture upholstery, and woven costumes for the theater.

6) Jeweler — Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches—whether you work with beads or metal, your skills result in one-of-a-kind jewelry.

7) Glassblower — This hot job allows you to create vases and glassware, water bulbs and salt shakers. You’re limited only by your imagination.

8) Filmmaker — It takes a special vision to call for the right lighting, get the Actor ‘s expressions on film, and perfectly time the sound effects.

9) Stained Glass Artist — Sure this is art, but without it, all those churches in town would look rather drab. And no one can deny that creating stained-glass requires crafty skill.

10) Taxidermist — Whether it’s a family pet or a prized kill, your skills forever capture the true nature of the beast.

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Careers You May Like

Toy Designer

Create toys that are safe and fun for children.

Jewelry Designer

Create fantastic jewelry using gemstones and sparkling metals.


Work with jewels or precious metals to get customers the bangles they want.

Visual Effects Producer

Develop visual concepts, schedules and budgets for film special effects.


Lead the daily work of creating a television show.

Film Executive Producer

Oversee all movie business and production from start to finish.

Furniture Designer

Design and create unique furniture from scratch.

Product Designer

Make functional and attractive products from start to finish.

Bicycle Designer

Create and test bicycle prototypes.

Industrial Designer

Make products both functional and safe for consumers.

Car Designer

Dream up and create the look of a car inside and out.

Television Executive Producer

Make all major creative and business decisions for TV Shows.

Line Producer

Keep track of the budget for TV or film productions.

Radio Producer

Take charge of what your radio station broadcasts.

Roller Coaster Designer

Make rollercoasters that are safe, fun, and thrilling.

Advertising Producer

Supervise the design and production of advertising spots.

Textile Designer

Come up with creative designs for all kinds of fabrics.

Film Producer

Be involved in each step of a film’s production and distribution.

Cabinet Maker

Create and install wooden cabinets.

Music Producer

Oversee the development and production of songs and albums.


Investigate and write up news stories for TV, web, or print.

Product Development Engineer

Help companies market, advertise and improve their products.

Prototype Designer

Create virtual and physical models of new inventions and products.

Fashion Show Producer

Oversee the design, marketing and coordination of fashion shows.

Package Designer

Create appealing and functional packaging for products.

Television Producer

Manage the business side of producing TV shows.

Television Associate Producer

Help develop content and manage production for TV Producers.

Jewelry Appraiser

Estimate the quality and value of expensive trinkets.

Film Co-Producer

Supervise filming and post-production to keep movie budgets under control.

Product Developer

Create new products and improve existing ones to make them more practical.

Accordion Maker

Create, build or repair accordions.

Craft Cheesemaker

Mix, melt and mold high-end ingredients into world class cheese.

Custom Shoemaker

Create custom fit shoes for clients.


Shape molten glass into vases, sculptures, and beautiful works of art.

Harp Maker

Employ woodworking and musical skills to build custom harps.


Build and repair stringed instruments by hand.

Relief Operator

Fill in for absent Operators and ensure safety guidelines are followed.

Saddle Maker

Design, create and decorate custom made saddles for horses.


Repair, alter, or create clothing.

Sheet Metal Worker

Repair and install heating ducts, metal siding, gutters and more.

Stained Glass Artist

Envision and create beautiful, transparent pieces of art.


Preserve deceased animals to be displayed or mounted on a wall.