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Top Jobs for Retired Police Officers

Your career started long ago, when you trained and went to school to become a Police Officer. Whether through budget cuts, injury, burnout, or other reasons, it’s time for a change. But just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you want to stop working.

There are plenty of jobs for retired Police Officers. The best part is that many of them don’t require a lot of retraining. Use the skills you’ve already honed, and consider these careers for retired Police Officers.

1. Fraud Investigator Fraud knows few boundaries. Work for a bank, business, government, accounting firm, or insurance company, or take on the role of Private Investigator.

2. Loss Prevention Specialist You know criminals and can predict the way they think. This job lets you use those skills to make it more difficult for them to commit a crime. Analyze a company’s computer system or evaluate a bank’s cash-handling practices. Look for ways to limit employee theft or update a company’s surveillance system.

3. Private Detective Don your Sleuth hat and fire up the computer. It’s time to do some research. What you can’t find there, you’ll have to dig up the old-fashioned way: by following leads, interviewing witnesses, and pounding the pavement.

4. Security Guard Many former Police Officers hand in their badge but take their observation, self-defense, and interpersonal skills with them. You could find security work at plants, large corporations, military compounds, schools, malls, banks, or as a personal Bodyguard.

5. Teacher You’ve put in your time with the police department. But now that it’s time for a career change, why not use your people skills, propensity to stick by the rules, and communication skills to teach?

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Locate people who have gone missing.

Fugitive Recovery Agent

Track down people who are on the run from justice.

Criminology Professor

Teach university students about criminology.


Keep bars and patrons safe from unruly people or crowds.


Protect the life and safety of you client.

Bail Enforcement Agent

Chase after people who have skipped out on their court date.

Private Investigator

Track down people and dig up information for a private contractor.