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Top Jobs for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor jobs can offer incredible perks: beautiful natural settings, physical activity, and lots of fresh air. No surprise that so many people want to work in an office without walls! Although the competition can be tough, combining your passion for the outdoors with a rewarding job can lead you down many successful career paths.

Get to the heart of nature as a River Guide, Forest Conservationist, or Park Ranger. Or work closer to home as a Construction Manager, Turf Manager, or Athletic Coach. You could even capture the beauty of nature as a Wildlife Photographer, or learn the earth’s secrets as a Geologist.

And the list doesn’t end there. So many other careers can get you out and about. Dig into the jobs below to get some outside the box (and office) inspiration!

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Careers You May Like

Wilderness Guide

Take campers on journeys into the wilderness.


Travel to volcanoes in search of scientific data.

Vegetable Farmer

Grow and harvest vegetables.


Enforce baseball rules and call strikes on the diamond.

Tour Leader

Organize complete travel packages for tourists.

Sumo Wrestler

Overpower your opponent as a member of Japan's elite sumo-athletes.

Soccer Referee

Enforce the rules of the game of soccer.


Raise cows, pigs, chickens, and other livestock for their meat.


Know all there is to know about minerals.

Heli-Ski Guide

Jump off helicopters and ski down mountain slopes with clients.

Forestry Technician Fire

Keep forests safe from fires.

Forest Fire Fighter

Battle to put out forest fires.

Floral Designer

Make flower arrangements for weddings, funerals, and other events.

Environmental Manager

Make sure nature is healthy enough to sustain the needs of people.

Environmental Coordinator

Organize programs aimed at protecting the environment.

Elephant Trainer

Teach elephants tricks for circus performances.

Dolphin Trainer

Teach dolphins how to perform for an audience.

Dog Handler

Train police and seeing eye dogs or show off your pup at a dog show.


Bulk up and hit the gym hard to impress the Judges with perfect muscles.


Nurture bees for the purpose of selling honey and other bee products.

Basketball Referee

Call traveling violations, fouls, and more as you enforce B-Ball rules.

BASE Jumper

Parachute from a fixed location thousands of feet above the ground.

ATV Racer

Drive All Terrain Vehicles in competitive races.

Animal Trainer

Teach pets obedience, train circus animals, or consult on animal problems.

Swim Coach

Manage all levels of swimmers and get them in-shape for the meets.

Ice Skating Coach

Show skaters how to glide effortlessly and stop safely on the ice.

Fisheries Technician

Help monitor and maintain marine habitats to protect fish.

Plant Geneticist

Improve plants by experimenting with their genes.

Professional Athlete

Participate in professional competitive athletic events.

Sustainability Manager

Head up an organization's environmental sustainability program.

Ice Skater

Perform with grace and courage as a professional ice skating athlete.

Exploration Geologist

Travel to remote places to tap oil and gas deposits.

Hitting Coach

Teach Baseball Players how to control their swings and hit smart.

Baseball Scout

Root out the nation's best baseball players for your college or league.

Nursery Manager

Manage a nursery and oversee the development and growth of plants.

Diving Coach

Motivate promising divers to perfect their form and reduce splashes.

Cheerleading Coach

Guide your team through cheerleading routines.


Explore the mysteries of the ocean.

Park Naturalist

Educate people about the natural world.

Acting Coach

Teach new actors the power of gesture, speech and theatrical timing.

Conservation Scientist

Guard against environmental damage.

Basketball Coach

Keep your players in shape and their on-court skills sharp.

Professional Mountain Climber

Scale mountains for sport or exploration.


Learn all there is to learn about fish.

Irrigation Consultant

Equip clients with systems for watering crops or gardens.

Forensic Entomologist

Analyze insects found in victims' bodies for clues to their death.

Baseball Coach

Help players hone their baseball skills by leading drills or giving advice.


Cultivate plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

Track and Field Coach

Motivate track stars to work hard and excel at their chosen event.

Wolf Biologist

Observe how wolves behave and live.


Serve as an expert on earthquakes.

Landscape Architect

Create parks and gardens as a licensed professional.

Soccer Coach

Motivate and manage your players to work as a team.

Camp Counselor

Supervise camp activities and develop recreational activities for campers.


Study the wide world of plants.


Dig up ancient relics of past societies.

Rock Climber

Teach new climbers about hand-holds and the dangers of loose rocks.


Research animals in the wild or in captivity.

College Coach

Mold promising high school athletes into a well-oiled collegiate team.

Restoration Ecologist

Work to reverse any harm done to the environment.

Landscape Designer

Beautify spaces by planting greenery and erecting garden structures.

Head Coach

Make the final call about plays, starting line-ups, and team strategy.

Athletic Trainer

Keep athletes healthy and performing at peak level.

Soil Conservationist

Keep the land safe from erosion and other damage.


Entertain crowds at rodeos and circuses with daring horse-back stunts.

Professional Skateboarder

Pay the bills with kickflips, ollies, and insane skating tricks.


Discover how small bugs affect the world in big ways.

Environmental Engineer

Develop engineering solutions to ecological problems.


Study how to grow the best grapes for wine.

Football Scout

Travel the country to discover promising new football talent.


Compete in boxing matches all across the country.


Develop techniques for improving crop production.

Habitat Specialist

Create zoo exhibits that mimic the animals' home in the wild.

Ice Hockey Coach

Teach hockey players to skate, shoot, and work as a team.


Coax your million-dollar horse into a winning position at the races.


Operate on sick trees to remove disease, dead limbs, and sagging branches.