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Top Jobs for Mathletes

If you enjoy the challenge of solving problems then a math job could be for you! Whether you’re a certified math whiz or just like the calm of crunching numbers, there’s a math career to match.

Harness the power of wind for clean energy as a Turbine Engineer, keep the records straight as an Accountant, or create cutting-edge technology as a Roboticist. From Software Engineer to Statistician, the list just keeps going…

Plus, math jobs are in hot demand. Why? Almost every industry needs mathematically trained people because of your excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills. That means you’ve got better than average statistics of landing that job you want. So if fractions and formulas come easily, check out the jobs below designed just for you.

Careers You May Like

Vehicle Engineer

Design and build safety features for vehicles, watercrafts and avionics.

Tax Accountant

Calculate taxes for clients.

Survey Methodologist

Design surveys that will give the most accurate results.

Steam Turbine Engineer

Design and install machines that turn steam into energy.

Statistics Professor

Teach university students about statistics.

Production Accountant

Keep track of budget and spending on a film set.

Health Physicist

Keep radiation in hospitals, schools, and other places within safe levels.

GIS Geographer

Gather census, economic, and other info to add to GIS products.

Geology Technician

Analyze rock and mud to detect the presence of oil.

Geography Professor

Teach university students about geography.

Forensic Accountant

Investigate tax fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

Biostatistics Professor

Teach university students about biostatistics.


Help clients with all their banking needs.

Avionics Engineer

Specialize in designing the electronic parts of aircraft.

Architectural Project Manager

Coordinate building projects, from design to construction.

Aeronautical Research Engineer

Conduct research that leads to better, safer aircraft.

Risk Management Analyst

Advise companies on reducing threats that could cost them money.

Semiconductor Process Engineer

Improve and manage the step-by-step process of creating a computer chip.

Mortgage Broker

Match mortgage applicants with lenders.

Garden Designer

Create gardens that people can admire and enjoy.

Hedge Fund Accountant

Keep tabs on the performance of hedge funds.


Handle money and provide services to customers in a bank.Provide money-handling services to bank customers.

Irrigation Engineer

Design and assemble systems for watering crops.

Foreign Service Economic Officer

Help American citizens living abroad with economic issues.

Acquisitions Librarian

Select and buy books or other resources to create a well stocked library.


Plan out ways to get stuff from one place to another.

Policy Advisor

Collect research data to support policymaking.

Prison Librarian

Maintain a prison library and inspire inmates through books.

Graphic Designer

Create high impact images that deliver a message.

Aerospace Engineer

Design, build, and maintain aircraft.


Assist Financial Planners by researching and evaluating investment options.

Well Engineer

Build structures for drilling oil or gas.

Research Analyst

Collect, evaluate, and report on data.

IRS Agent

Review and process tax returns.


Forecast trends by analyzing big data.

Actuarial Consultant

Advise clients on measuring insurance or investment risks.

Sports Statistician

Record facts and figures about sports games.

Sign Designer

Create inviting signs for businesses.

Market Research Analyst

Research customer habits to guide marketing efforts.

Robotics Engineer

Design and test some of the world's coolest technology: robots.

Research Librarian

Explore archives and databases to help people find what they need.

Structural Designer

Make buildings safe and strong by planning their basic structure.

Marketing Consultant

Formulate thoroughly researched marketing plans for businesses.

Biomedical Engineer

Create medical devices and machines.


Identify medical trends by looking at health-related data.

Space Planner

Make the best use of spaces by creating efficient plans.

Geotechnical Engineer

Analyze soil and rock conditions underneath proposed construction sites.

Coastal Engineer

Put up shoreline structures, like walls and jetties, to prevent erosion.

Trade Compliance Analyst

Make sure import-export trading is done according to the law.


Calculate income and expenses for companies or individuals.

Building Designer

Design small buildings without having to be an Architect.

Investment Advisor

Help clients negotiate the complicated world of investing.

Aeronautical Engineer

Make flight possible by building aircraft components.

Quantitative Analyst

Create math-based financial models to guide stock-trading decisions.

Irrigation Consultant

Equip clients with systems for watering crops or gardens.

Tax Compliance Officer

Evaluate tax returns to see if the amounts on them are correct.

Logistics Planner

Coordinate the myriad aspects of moving people, materials, or products.


Maintain and repair mechanical equipment.

Transportation Designer

Come up with creative designs for various transportation needs.

Mine Surveyor

Examine sites to see if they contain valuable natural resources.

Policy Analyst

Influence the shaping of policies.


Predict the weather, from sunshine to snow.

Investment Banking Associate

Prepare presentations for pitch meetings with investment bank clients.

Principal Architect

Lead a team of Junior Architects through projects.

Personal Financial Advisor

Counsel individuals on how to fulfill their financial aims.

Statistical Modeler

Predict scenarios to help a company plan for the future.

Structural Engineer

Plan buildings, focusing on their strength and stability.

Storm Spotter

Physically observe storms to determine their location and strength.

Landscape Architect

Create parks and gardens as a licensed professional.


Guide business decisions by predicting future market conditions.


Draw new maps, or update old ones.

Tornado Chaser

Gather information about tornadoes by getting an up close look.


Use the laws of physics to explain how the universe works.

Biostatistics Director

Use information on health trends to kick off clinical research projects.

Financial Planning Analyst

Recommend financially sound companies to invest in.

Layout Artist

Arrange a web page, poster, or magazine in an appealing manner.

Market Analyst

Study market conditions to help create and sell new products.

Transportation Engineer

Create plans for safe and cost-effective transportation projects.

Loan Officer

Network with clients to promote your bank's loan services.

Landscape Designer

Beautify spaces by planting greenery and erecting garden structures.

Traffic Engineer

Devise roadway systems to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Land Surveyor

Establish land boundaries by doing physical inspections of the area.

Culinary Strategy Consultant

Help clients grow their food business with your sharp marketing skills.

Atmospheric Scientist

Investigate the science behind the weather.

Bridge Engineer

Erect safe and strong bridges.


Create a precise record of an area's measurements and features.

Storm Tracker

Collect storm data, like direction and intensity.

Health Actuary

Evaluate health trends to determine the price of insurance policies.

Motion Graphic Artist

Design dynamic graphics through animation, video, and sounds.

Mortgage Underwriter

Determine the amount of mortgage to offer.

Civil Engineer

Build public structures such as waterways and roads.

Urban Planner

Figure out the best way to use land in cities and neighborhoods.

Book Designer

Craft attention-grabbing book covers.

Food Stylist

Make food look scrumptious for photo and film shoots.

Customs Officer

Check luggage or cargo for contraband.

User Interface Designer

Equip devices with user-friendly features.

Community Planner

Creativity solve community space problems to help bring people together.

Green Building Architect

Create plans for environmentally friendly buildings.

Supply Chain Analyst

Examine production processes to see where improvements can be made.

Real Estate Analyst

Monitor real estate market conditions to help sales.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Help design and test new computer electronics.

Urban Designer

Create plans for parks, streets, and other public infrastructure.