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Top Jobs for Law and Order Fans

If you want to dedicate your life to protecting people—whether on the street, in the air, or in a courtroom—consider a criminal justice career.

As our title suggests, two separate but equally important career groups work to keep the peace. The first category includes law enforcement jobs like Police Officers, Forensic Technicians, and Corrections Officers. The second is made up of legal system careers including Paralegals, Court Reporters, Lawyers, and Judges.

Whichever branch you choose, you’ll be working in a thriving industry. Because of increasing focus on public safety and security, the criminal justice careers sector is growing fast. So take the first step to making the world a safer place by investigating the criminal justice jobs below.

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Careers You May Like

Administrative Law Judge

Decide on disputes between government agencies and citizens.

Adoption Specialist

Advise couples on adoption laws and procedures.

Asbestos Lawyer

Fight for the rights of asbestos poisoning victims.

Bail Enforcement Agent

Chase after people who have skipped out on their court date.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Guide clients through the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Specialist

Handle complicated cases of bankruptcy.

Beat Cop

Protect people in one particular neighborhood.

Bomb Squad Technician

Help investigate and disarm explosives.

Bomb Technician

Investigate cases involving blasts.

Border Patrol Officer

Stop items and people illegally entering the U.S.


Keep bars and patrons safe from unruly people or crowds.

Building Inspector

Provide building inspections to ensure code enforcement.

Caption Writer

Type out the dialogue from movies and TV shows.

Chief of Police

Manage a police force.

Child Welfare Caseworker

Investigate cases and find supportive homes for abused or neglected kids.

Child Welfare Specialist

Investigate cases and find supportive homes for abused or neglected kids.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Represent clients in non-criminal disputes.

Civil Rights Lawyer

Stand up for people who have been treated unfairly.

Clinical Case Manager

Assess and resolve cases of abuse, drug addiction, and more.

Commercial Lawyer

Be an expert on the laws that govern business.

Compensation Lawyer

Tackle cases involving wage and benefits disputes.

Correctional Officer

Supervise prison inmates.

County Forest Ranger

Serve as the go-to person when it comes to safety in the forest.

Court Reporter

Record legal proceedings, meetings, and trials.

Crime Scene Cleaner

Clean up blood, remains, and other biohazards after an un-natural death.

Crime Scene Investigator

Scour crime scenes for clues.

Criminal Investigator

Gather enough evidence to bring criminals to justice.

Criminology Professor

Teach university students about criminology.

Crossing Guard

Help school children get safely across the street.

Customs Inspector

Keep banned items from entering the country.

DARE Officer

Educate young people about the dangers of drugs.

Defense Lawyer

Argue on behalf of an accused person or organization in a trial.

Deputy Sheriff

Maintain peace and order under the Sheriff’s supervision.


Investigate criminal cases to bring about justice.

District Attorney

Take legal action against criminals on behalf of your community.

Divorce Lawyer

Work with couples to dissolve marriages and divide assets.

Divorce Mediator

Help couples work out the terms of their divorce outside of a court.

Dog Warden

Track down stray pets and return them to their owner.

Elder Law Attorney

Advise senior citizens on the legal issues that accompany aging.

Entertainment Attorney

Represent entertainment figures in negotiations and lawsuits.

Environmental Conservation Officer

Keep forests and parks safe from vandals.

Environmental Lawyer

Tackle legal cases involving environmental damage.

Family Lawyer

Provide legal advice on family issues, like adoption and domestic violence.

Family Support Worker

Connect families with the services they need.

FBI Agent

Make sure federal laws are followed.

Field Training Officer

Keep law enforcement staff trained and up-to-date on protocols.

Fire Battalion Chief

Oversee all the fire stations within a particular area.

Fire Captain

Command a station’s crew of Firefighters.

Fire Investigator

Dig through the ashes to find the cause of fires.


Battle blazes to protect people, animals, and property.

Forest Fire Fighter

Battle to put out forest fires.

Fugitive Recovery Agent

Track down people who are on the run from justice.

Geriatric Care Manager

Formulate care plans for seniors.

Grand Jury Deputy Sheriff

Guard grand jury rooms and district attorneys’ offices to provide security.

Healthcare Lawyer

Help healthcare workers and companies navigate the laws of the industry.

Immigration Lawyer

Guide clients through the visa application process.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Keep inventions, brand names, and artistic creations safe from copycats.

Intelligence Analyst

Study information from Spies to make recommendations.

International Lawyer

Handle the legal aspect of setting up business overseas.


Give verdicts on court cases.

Law Clerk

Provide administrative support to a Lawyer or Judge.

Law Enforcement Officer

Keep the community safe from criminals.

Law Professor

Teach university students about the law.


Provide legal advice or courtroom guidance to your clients.

Litigation Paralegal

Help Litigation Lawyers win cases by handling the prep work.

Marine Firefighter

Put out fires in boats or offshore platforms.

Mental Health Practitioner

Diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Music Lawyer

Negotiate contracts for Singers and bands.

Oncology Social Worker

Get patients through the challenges of fighting cancer.


Support Lawyers by doing research and paperwork on their cases.

Park Ranger

Patrol parks to help visitors and natural resources stay safe.

Parking Enforcement Officer

Patrol streets and other parking spaces for illegally parked vehicles.

Police Lieutenant

Supervise Police Sergeants.

Police Service Technician

Help process the paperwork for nonviolent crimes.

Pool Lifeguard

Save lives by supervising pools and responding to emergencies.

Private Investigator

Track down people and dig up information for a private contractor.

Probate Lawyer

Help clients create and execute wills.

Real Estate Lawyer

Handle the legal side of buying and selling properties.

Safety Officer

Monitor and improve workplace safety conditions.

Ski Instructor

Teach people how to ski in the snow.

Ski Patroller

Keep slopes and skiers safe and sound


Parachute down into forests to fight fire.

Social Caseworker

Put abused children on the path toward healing.

Social Work Professor

Teach university students about social work.

Social Worker

Equip people in crisis with the resources they need to recover.

Sports Lawyer

Represent Athletes in contract negotiations and court cases.


Gather political and military intelligence from around the world.

State Trooper

Work state-wide to assist in criminal investigations.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Help patients break free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse Social Worker

Connect addicts with the resources they need to break the habit.

Supreme Court Justice

Judge cases in the highest court of the nation.

Surveillance Technician

Maintain, repair and replace company security cameras.

SWAT Team Member

Tackle high-stress cases involving riots, hostages or undercover ops.

Title Searcher

Research land or real estate to help buyers get an accurate picture.

Traffic Guard

Direct vehicles to prevent crashes and keep traffic moving smoothly.

Trial Lawyer

Argue court cases in front of a jury and Judge.

Vehicle Fire Investigator

Investigate the cause of vehicle fires.

Vice Police Officer

Investigate crimes related to drugs, gambling and other immoral activities.

Volunteer Fire Fighter

Receive fire response training in exchange for your free services.