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Top Jobs for International Studies Majors

The world’s a big place. With so much diversity and so many differences from one country to the next, careers for international studies majors abound. Professions falling under this line of work all contribute to the “project management” of the planet — that is, promoting peace and allying countries for greater progress. With these jobs, you can bridge the gap between cultures and work toward a more unified world.

1. Humanitarian Aid Worker* — Assisting the less fortunate in other countries is the goal of a Humanitarian Aid Worker. Whether a natural disaster or a poor economy is at fault for the state of the nation, you work to build shelters, supply food, and educate the general population on ways to improve their health and living conditions.

2. International Lawyer* — The long arm of the law gets longer when you look at international crimes and cases. Solving disputes between countries, or crimes in one country perpetrated by individuals in another, can prove quite the legal handful. As an International Lawyer, you help sort out the paperwork and ensure that your client gets her day in court.

3. Foreign Service Officer* — Promote peace and prosperity between your home country and the rest of the world as a Foreign Service Officer. Travel to foreign countries, meet with important Representatives, and monitor current foreign assistance programs to make sure they stay on track.

4. Policy Analyst* — If the words “research,” “critical thinking,” and “strategic planning” are what you look for in the classified ads, a career as a Policy Analyst could be right for you. With the vast number of agreements between foreign countries growing every day, Policy Analysts are always in demand to research, review, and revise these detailed documents.

Feel that a single profession is too limited for your lifestyle? Many international studies majors take on teaching or research jobs for both public and private institutes. From government research projects to teaching positions at universities, you can both grow and spread your knowledge and understanding of the world.

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Careers You May Like

Divorce Lawyer

Work with couples to dissolve marriages and divide assets.

Police Chief

Manage the personnel and programs at a police department.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Represent clients in non-criminal disputes.

Policy Advisor

Collect research data to support policymaking.

Water Commissioner

Ensure access to a safe water supply.

Immigration Lawyer

Guide clients through the visa application process.

Healthcare Lawyer

Help healthcare workers and companies navigate the laws of the industry.

Executive Director

Head up the board of a company.

Probate Lawyer

Help clients create and execute wills.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Keep inventions, brand names, and artistic creations safe from copycats.


Examine the economic behavior of individuals, families, and businesses.

Chief Information Officer

Equip a company with the fastest and best technology.

Elder Law Attorney

Advise senior citizens on the legal issues that accompany aging.

City Manager

Set and achieve goals for an entire city.

Tax Lawyer

Help clients resolve their tax issues.

Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officer

Promote U.S. policies overseas.

Foreign Service Officer

Serve as a link between the U.S. and other countries.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Guide clients through the process of filing for bankruptcy.


Optimize an organization's performance as its highest-ranking leader.

District Attorney

Take legal action against criminals on behalf of your community.

Business Development Executive

Create plans to increase your company's sales and profits.


Provide legal advice or courtroom guidance to your clients.

Book Publisher

Discover, print, and distribute new books.

Policy Analyst

Influence the shaping of policies.

Environmental Lawyer

Tackle legal cases involving environmental damage.

Health Commissioner

Create programs that keep entire communities healthy.

Highway Commissioner

Direct highway projects for a state.

Compensation Lawyer

Tackle cases involving wage and benefits disputes.

School Superintendent

Ensure that all schools in your district meet performance standards.

International Lawyer

Handle the legal aspect of setting up business overseas.

Music Executive

Manage the business of recording music.


Review past and current market trends to predict where the economy will go.

Entertainment Attorney

Represent entertainment figures in negotiations and lawsuits.

University President

Create goals and plans to drive your university toward success.

Police Commissioner

Hold the reins at a big-city police department.

Family Lawyer

Provide legal advice on family issues, like adoption and domestic violence.

Civil Rights Lawyer

Stand up for people who have been treated unfairly.

Sports Lawyer

Represent Athletes in contract negotiations and court cases.

Corporate Lawyer

Provide legal advice to corporations.

Branch Manager

Supervise one branch of a larger company.


Represent the government in other countries.

Music Lawyer

Negotiate contracts for Singers and bands.


Argue cases and represent clients in a court.

Chief Technology Officer

Develop technology strategies to support your company's business strategy.


Make decisions to guide a company toward success.

Park Superintendent

Oversee the running of parks, both big and small.

Bankruptcy Specialist

Handle complicated cases of bankruptcy.


Oversee a department of a company.

Trial Lawyer

Argue court cases in front of a jury and Judge.

Consular Officer

Process visa applications and ensure the safety of citizens abroad.

Commercial Lawyer

Be an expert on the laws that govern business.

Defense Lawyer

Argue on behalf of an accused person or organization in a trial.

Fire Chief

Manage a fire station.

Real Estate Lawyer

Handle the legal side of buying and selling properties.

Asbestos Lawyer

Fight for the rights of asbestos poisoning victims.