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Top Jobs for Helping People

During your life, you’ll probably spend around 90,000 hours at work.

So if you thrive on helping people, think about choosing a career where you can dedicate all those hours to big-hearted work.

There are options in many fields—including healthcare, education, social work, and law— where you can strive to make your small corner of the world a better place.

Connect people in difficult situations to the resources they need as a Social Worker, or help them heal as a Nurse, Doctor, or Physical Therapist. Work with children facing unique challenges as a Special Education Teacher, or guide people through tough times as a Counselor. Organize people around a good cause as a Volunteer Coordinator, or Nonprofit Program Director. You could even provide spiritual support as a Chaplain or other religious worker.

While not all jobs that help people will score you tons of money, you’ll be more than rewarded by the satisfaction of making a difference. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, check out the careers for altruists listed below!

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Careers You May Like

Academic Interventionist

Create plans to help underachieving students catch up.

Acupuncture Physician

Use your medical expertise and tiny needles to relieve pain.


Relieve patients’ pain using small needles.

Addictions Counselor

Help people overcome addictions and lead a healthy life.

Adoption Specialist

Advise couples on adoption laws and procedures.

Adult Basic Education Teacher

Teach basic subjects to adults returning to school.

Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse

Coordinate with medical professionals to treat mentally ill patients.

Anesthesia Technician

Prepare and maintain anesthesia supplies and equipment.

Art Teacher

Instruct students on art creation, theory, or history.

Bereavement Coordinator

Link grieving people to services that can help them cope.

Body Piercer

Prepare you clients’ bodies to be adorned with stainless-steel jewelry

Bridal Consultant

Help would-be brides plan their weddings.

Career Coach

Use Inside Jobs to guide people toward discovering their ideal career.


Provide spiritual guidance in non-religious settings.

Child Psychologist

Use various types of therapy to help kids with emotional or mental illness.

Child Welfare Specialist

Investigate cases and find supportive homes for abused or neglected kids.

Chiropractic Neurologist

Focus on patients’ spines to help rid them of pain.

Clinical Massage Therapist

Relieve muscle injuries through massage.

Clinical Psychologist

Provide psychological counseling to patients in a clinic setting.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Coach patients through problems by changing the way they think.

Community Advocate

Create public awareness for a good cause.

Community Care Coordinator

Organize social services for a community.

Community Organizer

Bring the community’s concerns to the authorities’ attention.

Compensation Lawyer

Tackle cases involving wage and benefits disputes.

Counseling Psychologist

Provide talk therapy to help patients through their emotional challenges.

Critical Care Nurse

Provide care to seriously ill patients in intensive care units.

DD Special Education Teacher

Use special teaching methods to educate kids with learning disorders.

Defense Lawyer

Argue on behalf of an accused person or organization in a trial.


Give emotional support to women during childbirth.

Elementary School Teacher

Educate elementary-age students.

Environmental Lawyer

Tackle legal cases involving environmental damage.

Family Support Worker

Connect families with the services they need.

Foreign Language Teacher

Teach students how to speak another language.

Foreign Student Adviser

Help students overcome the challenges of studying in a different country.

Forensic Linguist

Scrutinize writing to find clues to criminal cases.

GED Instructor

Help students prepare for the GED exam.

Geriatric Care Manager

Formulate care plans for seniors.


Specialize in the health and well-being of elderly.

High School Art Teacher

Help mold future Artists.

Home Care Aide

Provide in-home help to elderly or disabled people.

Hospital Chaplain

Uplift hospital patients through religious guidance.

Immigration Lawyer

Guide clients through the visa application process.

International Lawyer

Handle the legal aspect of setting up business overseas.


Give verdicts on court cases.

Kindergarten Teacher

Teach kids basic reading, writing, and motor skills.


Help recovered patients continue to improve strength and movement.


Provide legal advice or courtroom guidance to your clients.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Help hospital patients with daily needs, both medical and non-medical.

Life Coach

Counsel, guide, and motivate others to improve all areas of their lives.


Study the science behind language.

Litigation Paralegal

Help Litigation Lawyers win cases by handling the prep work.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Counsel married couples and entire families on relationship issues.

Marriage Counselor

Help couples work out marriage problems.

Massage Therapist

Rid clients of aches by kneading and rubbing their muscles.

Mental Health Practitioner

Diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Middle School English Teacher

Hone the English skills of middle school students.

Middle School Teacher

Help middle school students learn and grow.

Music Lawyer

Negotiate contracts for Singers and bands.

Neonatal Nurse

Look after newborn babies in the hospital nursery.

NICU Nurse

Care for newborn babies who have critical health problems.


Perform daily general health care to help patients heal and recover.

Occupational Therapist

Teach ill or disabled patients how to tackle daily tasks.

Occupational Therapist Aide

Perform administrative duties at an occupational therapy clinic.

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Teach disabled people exercises to make everyday living easier.

Oncology Social Worker

Get patients through the challenges of fighting cancer.

Online Teacher

Share your expertise via the Internet.

OR Nurse

Care for patients who are receiving cancer treatments.

PACU Nurse

Assist in the daily care of children with unexpected and serious illnesses.


Support Lawyers by doing research and paperwork on their cases.

Pediatric Critical Care Nurse

Help seriously ill children to heal.

Pediatric Nurse

Support sick or hurt kids and their families.

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Help children bounce back from illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.


Dedicate your career to keeping children healthy.

Personal Care Assistant

Handle shopping and pharmacy trips for elderly or disabled clients.

Physical Therapist

Help patients recover from physical illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Rehabilitate patients under the supervision of a Physical Therapist.

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Get kids ready for kindergarten.

Probation Officer

Make sure offenders stick to the rules of their probation.


Share your expertise on how the human mind functions.


Talk out problems with patients through individual or group sessions.

Public Health Educator

Provide information to the general public about leading healthy lives.

Reading Tutor

Help kids overcome reading difficulties.

Real Estate Lawyer

Handle the legal side of buying and selling properties.

Registered Nurse

Treat and care for sick or injured people with drugs and therapies.

School Counselor

Help students in their personal and educational development.

School Nurse

Provide basic healthcare and screenings to students.

School Psychologist

Guide students through the emotional challenges of school life.

Senior Advisor

Serve as an expert on the needs of seniors.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

Provide emotional support and collect evidence after a sexual assault.

Social Worker

Equip people in crisis with the resources they need to recover.

Spanish Teacher

Teach students the rules of the Spanish language.

Special Education Teacher

Help disabled students learn and grow.

Speech Pathologist

Specialize in diagnosis and treatment of speech and language problems.

Speech Therapist

Teach people how to speak more clearly.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Treat patients with disorders like stuttering or inability to talk.

Sports Lawyer

Represent Athletes in contract negotiations and court cases.

Sports Psychologist

Counsel Athletes to inspire better performance.

Supreme Court Justice

Judge cases in the highest court of the nation.


Pass on knowledge to students.

Travel Nurse

Supply short-term nursing care in a wide variety of locations.

Veterans Service Officer

Help veterans apply for benefits.

Victim Advocate

Advise victims of crime on the legal options available to them.

Youth Counselor

Guide teenagers through the challenges they face.

Youth Ministry Director

Design classes that encourage young people to participate in religion.