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Top Jobs for Food Lovers

Want to turn your passion for food into a successful job? You’ve got lots of options beyond the traditional choices of chef, baker, and caterer (although these are great jobs too!).

“The wonderful thing about the food industry is there are so many avenues you can explore to find the fit that brings you the most value and fulfillment,” says food career expert Barbara Lang. “There are so many roads to take.”

You can develop new taste as a Flavor Chemist, import artisan goods as an Specialty Food Buyer, or help clients explore whole new worlds of flavor as a Nutritionist. If you’re interested in more off-the-beaten-trail choices, consider becoming a Culinary Historian, Research Chef, or Food Scientist.

Check out all your choices by browsing the delectable selection of our favorite food-inspired careers below.

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Careers You May Like

Wine Consultant

Work to increase wine sales at stores and restaurants.

Sensory Analyst

Sample food products to check for off tastes.


Create new drinks that push the envelope of taste.

Kitchen Manager

Manage, train, and motivate kitchen staff.

Ice Cream Maker

Research and mix-up new flavors of ice cream.

Food and Beverage Director

Direct activities of food service facilities at amusement parks.

Food Cart Owner

Run a mobile restaurant, doing everything from cooking to marketing.

Culinary Manager

Manage food services for hospitals, schools, and other large institutions.

Courtesy Clerk

Help shoppers find what they need and pack up their purchases.


Simmer and craft chocolate masterpieces.

Chef De Partie

Cook food and manage workers in one station of a restaurant kitchen.

Candy Maker

Mix up large batches of sweets and keep your chocolate machines running.

Cake Baker

Create impressive and tasty cakes for birthdays, weddings and graduations.

Cake Decorator

Add tasty flourishes to birthday, wedding, or party cakes with icing.

Bagel Maker

Get up early to get your bagels toasted and ready for the morning rush.

Food Technologist

Devise new ways of processing and packaging food.


Make drinks, serve food, and keep customers safe and happy.

Food Scientist

Develop new ways to make food safer, tastier, and easier to ship.

Restaurant General Manager

Keep operations going and income flowing at a restaurant.

Restaurant Consultant

Help restaurants attain quality service and spectacular sales.

Executive Chef

Guide a kitchen toward success by creating innovative menus.


Bake sweet and savory goods for hungry people.

Bar Manager

Keep a bar running smoothly.


Open and operate a restaurant business.


Serve customers, make hot and cold beverages, and clean store areas.

Food Chemist

Alter the chemical makeup of food to make it better.

Dietary Manager

Oversee kitchen operations at prisons, hospitals, and similar facilities.

Corporate Executive Chef

Prepare food from start to finish for corporate events.


Design menus, create recipes, and cook food.

Wine Director

Pick out the wine selection for an entire hotel or restaurant.

Executive Pastry Chef

Oversee the creation and preparation of desserts.

Sous Chef

Help the executive chef plan menus, manage staff, and run the kitchen.


Prepare delicious food that keeps customers full and happy.


Prepare, cook and present food for events and parties.

Food Quality Technician

Make sure food and drink products are of high quality.

Research Chef

Experiment in the kitchen to create tasty new recipes.

Pastry Chef

Mix sugar, eggs, frosting, and flour into mouthwatering treats.

Ruminant Nutritionist

Formulate healthy diets for cattle, sheep, and other animals.

Garde Manger Chef

Prepare cold foods and salads for a restaurant.