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Top Jobs for Chemistry Majors

Atoms and molecules and periodic tables, oh my! Chemistry is one of those school subjects that send most people running or gritting their teeth. But it’s a necessary evil in the pre-med course load, so they have no choice but to go through it.

For you, however, chemistry is a fascinating subject because it lets you explain the properties and structure of matter of all types. You’ve loved chemistry since you got your first chemistry set as a child, and your idea of fun is getting a chemistry degree. So check out the following chemistry careers.

1. Forensic Chemist* — Fight crime not with a cape but rather with a long, white lab coat. Forensic Chemists test different chemical traces found at crime scenes to help police nab criminals and create solid proof that holds up in a court of law.

2. Synthetic Chemist* — This position lets you play God by creating new chemicals and materials for different companies and labs. Pair chemical compounds together to whip up things like new types of medicine or building materials.

3. Food Chemist* — Many of our favorite snack foods (Cheetos, fruit snacks, yogurt in a tube) taste great, but they definitely aren’t what you’d call natural. As a Food Chemist, you combine different chemicals to produce edible creations. You can work on changing the taste, nutritional content, or packaging of any number of manufactured foods.

4. Geochemist* — Though you spend your days with boulders and minerals, this field is no rocks for jocks. As a Geochemist, you study the earth by looking at its chemical makeup. You use your knowledge to uncover natural resources or create ways to protect the environment.

5. Dye Chemist* — Find the perfect shade of chartreuse, or discover the best way to prevent that maroon from fading. Create new colors, longer-lasting formulas, or safer combinations for dyes used in clothes, paints, cosmetics, or medical diagnostic tools.

Careers You May Like


Travel to volcanoes in search of scientific data.

Physical Volcanologist

Gain enough knowledge of volcanic eruptions to be able to predict them.


Find clues to the past from plant and animal fossils.


Know all there is to know about minerals.

Forensic Serologist

Analyze blood from crime scenes.


Mimic natural flavors, or create entirely new ones, using chemicals.

Cosmetic Chemist

Concoct cosmetics out of chemicals.


Find out what chemicals are found in outer space.

Food Technologist

Devise new ways of processing and packaging food.

Food Scientist

Develop new ways to make food safer, tastier, and easier to ship.

Exploration Geologist

Travel to remote places to tap oil and gas deposits.


Experiment with chemicals to come up with useful products.

Agricultural Chemist

Use chemical processes to improve crops.

Marine Chemist

Make sure the chemicals in bodies of water are within safe levels.


Explore the mysteries of the ocean.

Food Chemist

Alter the chemical makeup of food to make it better.


Study the natural phenomena that take place on the earth.


Serve as an expert on earthquakes.

Research Chef

Experiment in the kitchen to create tasty new recipes.