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Top Jobs for Athletes

You love sports. Maybe it’s the teamwork, the physical activity, and or just the rush of competition. Whatever the reason, you’ve probably thought about becoming a Pro Athlete. But don’t worry if you (like 99.99% of the rest of the world) aren’t an Olympic-level player. There are tons of other jobs that can give you all the satisfaction of playing your favorite sport.

Keep in top physical condition as a Fitness Instructor, or help people get back in the game as a Physical Therapist. Discover new stars as a Scout or solve legal issues as a Sports Lawyer. If you’re happiest out on the pitch, consider creating the perfect playing field as a Turf Manager.

The point is that no matter what field—whether medicine, maintenance, law, or education—you can find a sports job that will keep you close to the game. Scout out a job below!

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Careers You May Like


Enforce baseball rules and call strikes on the diamond.

Tugboat Captain

Guide tugboats safely and skillfully to port.

Test Pilot

Test-fly and evaluate bleeding edge aerospace designs.

Sumo Wrestler

Overpower your opponent as a member of Japan's elite sumo-athletes.

Stunt Pilot

Amaze the world with aeronautical acrobatics.

Softball Umpire

Call strikes and balls on the softball diamond.

Soccer Referee

Enforce the rules of the game of soccer.

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Help children bounce back from illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.

Experimental Test Pilot

Evaluate experimental aeronautical designs from inside the cockpit.

Competitive Eater

Stretch your stomach and chew like a champion to win 1st place!


Bulk up and hit the gym hard to impress the Judges with perfect muscles.

Basketball Referee

Call traveling violations, fouls, and more as you enforce B-Ball rules.

BASE Jumper

Parachute from a fixed location thousands of feet above the ground.


Ride the air currents in colorful hot-air balloons.

ATV Racer

Drive All Terrain Vehicles in competitive races.

Swim Coach

Manage all levels of swimmers and get them in-shape for the meets.

Pilates Instructor

Lead pilates sessions to build clients' flexibility, strength, and poise.

Ice Skating Coach

Show skaters how to glide effortlessly and stop safely on the ice.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Rehabilitate patients under the supervision of a Physical Therapist.

Professional Athlete

Participate in professional competitive athletic events.


Race to the finish line as the US's favorite brand of Driver.

Ice Skater

Perform with grace and courage as a professional ice skating athlete.


Help recovered patients continue to improve strength and movement.

College Athletic Recruiter

Convince future NCAA All-Stars that your school is the one for them.

Hitting Coach

Teach Baseball Players how to control their swings and hit smart.


Conduct experiments, maintain satellites, and fly into outer space!

Baseball Scout

Root out the nation's best baseball players for your college or league.

Airline Pilot

Soar the skies behind the flight stick of a commercial jetliner.

Physical Therapist

Help patients recover from physical illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.

Yoga Teacher

Teach students how to build mental and physical strength through yoga.

Diving Coach

Motivate promising divers to perfect their form and reduce splashes.

Softball Coach

Improve your female hitters and fielders with exercise and drills.


Fly from the captain's seat for private, corporate or government airlines.

Cheerleading Coach

Guide your team through cheerleading routines.

Acting Coach

Teach new actors the power of gesture, speech and theatrical timing.

Basketball Coach

Keep your players in shape and their on-court skills sharp.

Professional Mountain Climber

Scale mountains for sport or exploration.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Show clients how to safely build strength and endurance through exercise.

Baseball Coach

Help players hone their baseball skills by leading drills or giving advice.

Assistant Coach

Support the Head Coach by running drills and giving knowledgeable input.

Track and Field Coach

Motivate track stars to work hard and excel at their chosen event.

Helicopter Pilot

Fly helicopters for various industries and purposes.

Soccer Coach

Motivate and manage your players to work as a team.

Racehorse Trainer

Get horses into racing shape with intense training and care.

Rock Climber

Teach new climbers about hand-holds and the dangers of loose rocks.

Aerobics Instructor

Get your student's blood pumping by leading cardiovascular workouts.


Keep fit and strong while competing in professional bike races.

College Coach

Mold promising high school athletes into a well-oiled collegiate team.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Show athletes how to get stronger and in better shape with new exercises.

Head Coach

Make the final call about plays, starting line-ups, and team strategy.

Athletic Trainer

Keep athletes healthy and performing at peak level.

Professional Poker Player

Stay calm under pressure and call other pro poker players' bluffs.


Entertain crowds at rodeos and circuses with daring horse-back stunts.

Professional Skateboarder

Pay the bills with kickflips, ollies, and insane skating tricks.

Football Scout

Travel the country to discover promising new football talent.


Compete in boxing matches all across the country.


Help players set goals and hone their game through drills and exercises.

Ice Hockey Coach

Teach hockey players to skate, shoot, and work as a team.

Swimming Coach

Coach pro swimmers to greatness with experience and specific drills.

Boxing Trainer

Show boxers how to jab, weave and train for their next big fight.


Coax your million-dollar horse into a winning position at the races.

Sports Coach

Teach players the fundamentals and how to work as a team.