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Top Jobs for Animal Lovers

So, you want a job working with animals?

You might think Veterinarian and Marine Biologist are your only options for careers working with animals. Nope! There are tons of career paths—for all levels of education—that let you devote your life to the care and keeping of our furry, fuzzy (and sometimes scaly) friends.

Work with domestic animals as a Pet Adoption Counselor or Veterinary Tech. Prepare dogs to help people with disabilities as a Guide Dog Trainer. Or walk on the wild side to protect animals’ health as a Wildlife Rehabilitator. And this is only a tiny glimpse of the wide world of animal jobs!

Ready to turn your passion for animals into a paying position? Explore animal jobs listed below.

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Careers You May Like

Veterinary Radiologist

Use internal images to medically diagnose and treat animals.

Habitat Specialist

Create zoo exhibits that mimic the animals’ home in the wild.


Discover how small bugs affect the world in big ways.


Research animals in the wild or in captivity.

Wolf Biologist

Observe how wolves behave and live.

Veterinary Parasitologist

Test and treat animals for harmful organisms like fleas and ticks.

Veterinary Pathologist

Examine lab samples from sick animals or do research on animal diseases.

Forensic Entomologist

Analyze insects found in victims’ bodies for clues to their death.

Zoo Veterinarian

Provide medical care to animals in zoos or protected habitats.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Care for wild animals so they can be returned to their natural habitat.

Animal Acupuncturist

Help animal escape pain and discomfort using small needles.


Learn all there is to learn about fish.

Park Naturalist

Educate people about the natural world.

Veterinary Technician

Give sick animals some TLC.

Laboratory Veterinarian

Provide medical care to animals who are part of experiments.

Animal Caretaker

Provide for the comfort, health, and well-being of animals.

Equine Veterinarian

Help horses stay healthy.

Veterinary Dentist

Take care of the teeth, gums, and mouths of animals.


Provide medical care to a variety of animals: large, small, or exotic.

Animal Shelter Manager

Keep track of the staff and animals in your shelter.

Animal Shelter Worker

Feed and clean the animals at a shelter.

Animal Trainer

Teach pets obedience, train circus animals, or consult on animal problems.


Maintain hives, harvest honey, and keep your bees buzzing along.


Set up and maintain aquarium exhibits.

Cat Breeder

Mate award-winning show cats to breed another generation of purebreds.

Dog Breeder

Breed dogs to encourage desirable physical and personality traits.

Dog Handler

Train police and seeing eye dogs or show off your pup at a dog show.

Dog Warden

Track down stray pets and return them to their owner.

Dolphin Trainer

Teach dolphins how to perform for an audience.


Fit horses with shoes to help them walk on hard surfaces.

Horse Trainer

Get horses in perfect shape for shows.

Insect Wrangler

Handle insects for film shoots.

Pet Adoption Counselor

Match pets with potential owners.

Pet Groomer

Make pets look and smell good.

Veterinary Assistant

Provide administrative support to a veterinary office.

Veterinary Nurse

Help care for animals under the guidance of a Veterinarian.


Tend to the animals at a zoo.