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Public Relations degree: What to expect?

With a career in public relations, you’re a professional Manager and storyteller. Public relations is an important aspect of any large company’s or petite starlet’s public image. Whether you’re cleaning up their mess, averting a disaster, or making the general public love your client just a little bit more, your job is to present them in the best possible light, making them more accessible, approachable, and worth spending hard-earned money on.


You can get a bachelor’s degree in communications with a public relations major, but there are also benefits to going for a master’s degree. After all, almost all public relations careers that are higher up than Public Relations Representative are going to require a master’s degree. It’s a competitive field that requires a lot of training.

With a public relations degree, you can pursue a variety of careers. You can be a Representative, working directly with the clients; a Public Relations Manager, overseeing the Representatives; a Public Relations Director, making important business decisions for the agency; or a Public Relations Writer, crafting the stories that go out into the public as official statements by your clients. In any case, a public relations education will involve classes in management, communications, and even basic psychology and writing.

Next Step

Now that school is over, where do you go next? Anywhere that will give you an internship. Internships are a great way to learn the job you’re going for, and to get your foot in the door.

After your internship, you might get a job as an assistant, then work your way up to Representative. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the Manager one day.

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