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Philosophy Degree: 5 Career Options

There are tons of jokes about job prospects for philosophy degree holders (Personal favorite: How do you get a philosophy major off your porch? Pay for the pizza). But in reality, there are a number of careers for philosophy majors.

The reason for this is a philosophy degree teaches you how to think, question what you’re being told, and come to new conclusions. These types of skills are easily transferable, making you a prime candidate for a variety of positions requiring strong intellectual abilities.

1. Lawyer — With philosophy majors consistently getting some of the top scores on the LSAT, it’s no surprise this career is a favorite with the Descartes-loving crowd. Apply your reasoning and arguing abilities to court cases of all kinds, from divorce to murder to fraud.

2. Philosophy Teacher — This is one of the few philosophy jobs that allow you to continue doing the work and research you loved as a student. Nurture the next generation of Philosophers by educating university students on how to think, while at the same time researching and publishing your own philosophical thoughts.

3. Political Scientist — Use logic to test and question the theories and ethics of politics and the political system. Work as a researcher, Consultant, Teacher, or Analyst, bringing light to political issues and problems.

4. Research Assistant — In this entry-level position, you use your ability to search outside the box for answers and question all you know in an effort to gather as much research as possible. Working with university Professors or research organizations, you help find the answers to questions about any subject you can imagine, from health to marketing to art.

5. Government Analyst — Found in all aspects of government, the job of an Analyst is to take a close look at the way things are being run, and find a better way to do them. To figure out what’s going on, you can interview employees, research policy, or examine past actions. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you then give detailed reports explaining how things can be improved, sped up, or made more efficient.

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