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Music Education Degree: What to expect?

You have a passion for music. You want to share your love of harmonies, trills, and crescendos with others. You are constantly being told how patient you are. On top of all that, you’re creative, energetic, and a great communicator. Talk about a unique skill set!

If you’re thinking, “Yep, that sounds like me,” you could be a perfect candidate for a career in music education. And if you’re next thought is, “but what can I do with a music education degree?” read on to find out.

The road to becoming a Music Teacher begins with a music education degree. This is where you do your music education training. You’ll learn about music history, composition, and the principles of music.

Depending on your long-term goals, you could earn a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctorate to gain experience and boost your knowledge about music.

Next Step
With your degree in hand, it’s time to start sharing your passion. An associate’s degree allows you to teach in a private or preschool setting. Advancing to a bachelor’s degree opens doors to becoming a Band Director or Choir Teacher in a public school.

However, many schools now require their teachers to have at least a Master’s degree—so it’s worth the investment. If you aspire to teach at the college level, you need your doctorate and a bundle of experience.

Although most jobs revolve around teaching, you could also use your degree to work as a Composer, Conductor, or Performer.

If you want to become a Teacher at any level, you need to apply for and complete the written teaching exam offered in your state.

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