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Multimedia Communications Degree: What to expect?

As a professional with a degree in multimedia communications, you’ll find jobs in a wide array of fields, all with burgeoning multimedia departments. Being at the front of this wave means knowing not just how to best utilize the newest and latest in all technical aspects of web and video, but also how to throw an artistic spin on the finished product.


With a multimedia communications degree, you’ll learn how to combine your awesome talents for both the creative and the technical. Multimedia communications is a relatively new and in-demand field, and can lead to prospects in design, communications, and more. Who knew there was so much to learn about utilizing Twitter to grow your business? Well, you will after taking media-centric courses, while going for either your associate’s or bachelor’s degree, which can also be achieved online.

You’ll also take classes in animation, sound and video editing, digital applications and art, website development, illustration, production, and layout. It’s a very visual-oriented degree to be sure, but you’ll be creating these applications almost entirely on a computer, which means you’ll need just as much technical ability as artistic skills.

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Just as with any degree that revolves around art, you’ll need to build a portfolio, filled with both snapshots and screen grabs of your best work. It’s also a good idea to put it in CD or DVD form. Depending on what aspect of multimedia communications you want to focus on, you may include videos of your best animation or editing.

You can pursue a professional career in online and on-air writing, editing, reporting, and entertainment. This is more easily achieved with the addition of a master’s degree in one or more of those areas, but you can go pretty far with just a bachelor’s, a whole lot of experience, and an impressive portfolio.

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Game Director

Serve as the creative brains behind video games.

Multimedia Artist

Show your art in a variety of channels, like digital, film, and video.


Create images and pictures to enrich stories.

Character Designer

Create the appearance of complex animated characters.


Put animation and real film footage together to make one amazing movie.

Game Developer

Create video games as a Designer, Programmer, or Artist.

Web Producer

Generate website content that paints an accurate picture of the company.

Web Developer

Build the programming behind websites.


Make illustrated objects come to life using artistic and technical talents.

Flash Designer

Create animated, interactive web pages using Flash.

Interactive Designer

Create websites that encourage user participation.

Level Designer

Create the scenery and other elements of individual game levels.

Texture Artist

Draw the details that make games and animated movies look more realistic.

Game Designer

Think up concepts and storylines for video games.

2D Animator

Make 2D images move using hand drawings or computer software.

Technical Artist

Design awesome game graphics that won't cause computers to crash.

Interaction Designer

Make gadgets user-friendly.

Web Designer

Create attractive and functional websites for clients.

Concept Artist

Think up characters, objects, or environments for films or video games.

3D Animator

Bring illustrated objects to life for movies and video games.

Professional Gamer

Get good enough at video games to enter tournaments and win prize money.

Environment Artist

Design the scenery of a video game.

Senior Web Developer

Direct a team of Web Developers through projects.

Game Artist

Create visuals for video games.

Matte Painter

Make backdrops for movies.

Infographic Artist

Use graphics to express ideas, facts, and information.

Storyboard Artist

Create a series of drawings showing the flow of a movie or ad.

Video Game Technical Artist

Animate game art by writing its computer code.

Visual Development Artist

Help develop the visual world of an animated film.

Stop Motion Animator

Make animated films or shorts using the stop motion technique.

Cinematic Artist

Produce graphics that make video games flow like a movie.

3D Modeler

Create digital models that can be viewed from all angles.