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Media Studies Degree: What to expect?

Media studies might just sound like a degree where you sit around and debate the finer points of last night’s Jersey Shore, or write papers on how the latest Judd Apatow movie rocked. But in reality, it calls for so much more.

The purpose of a media studies degree is to look at the way media (including print, film, and television) affect society as a whole. It answers questions about how media influence the way people act in their personal lives and in business. Media studies majors examine topics such as how news reporting affects political opinions and how violence in movies affects how communities interact.


You can get a media studies degree from a number of universities, including art and online schools. Some schools combine this department with other fields of study, which means you can graduate with a degree in, say, communication and media studies, or film and media studies. Occasionally, schools will offer their students the opportunity to take media-making classes along with theory-based courses—for example, classes on film editing or interviewing.

Classes in this major cover the gamut of media. You can spend your time in courses that focus on television news, journalism, or the movie industry. Some examples of real classes include media ethics, news media and global affairs, and the music business in media.

Next Step

After you graduate, look for entry-level positions—as an Editorial Assistant, Runner, or Production Assistant, for example. To improve your chances of grabbing a job in what can be very competitive fields (journalism, movies, and TV), spend some time in an internship or an unpaid position while in school.

There are master’s degrees in this field. If you hope to become a Professor or work in a higher position in the entertainment industry, a master’s can help get you where you want to be.

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Careers You May Like

Account Coordinator

Handle the details of launching an ad campaign.

Acquisitions Editor

Find promising manuscripts for your company to publish.

Advertising Copywriter

Create memorable product descriptions and catch-phrases for ads.

Advertising Producer

Supervise the design and production of advertising spots.


Read out stories and weather reports with your golden radio voice.

Art Critic

Write commentary and critiques about art.

Assignment Editor

Assign stories and tasks to News Reporters.

Book Editor

Turn books from rough manuscripts into polished masterpieces.

Book Publicist

Create hype for newly published books.

Chief Listening Officer

Listen to consumer conversations on social media to improve your company.


Write opinionated columns for a newspaper on a specific topic.

Comic Book Editor

Organize text and drawings into a great comic book.

Community Relations Coordinator

Promote a company through community outreach.

Copy Editor

Review the wording and accuracy of pieces before they’re published.


Create texts for websites, papers, advertisements and more.

Documentary Filmmaker

Coordinate cameras and crew to tell a true story on film.


Polish news articles, website content, or manuscripts for publication.

Editorial Assistant

Perform administrative tasks for an Editor.

Environmental Journalist

Let your readers know about local environmental issues and trends.

Executive Editor

Manage both the creative and business sides of a publication.

Fashion Editor

Decide what fashion trends a magazine will feature.

Fashion Publicist

Build up the reputation of a fashion brand or designer.

Fashion Show Producer

Oversee the design, marketing and coordination of fashion shows.

Feature Writer

Write in-depth articles for magazines, papers, or websites.

Film Co-Producer

Supervise filming and post-production to keep movie budgets under control.

Film Director

Drive the creative and artistic vision of a film.

Film Executive Producer

Oversee all movie business and production from start to finish.

Film Producer

Be involved in each step of a film’s production and distribution.

First Assistant Director

Help the Film Director by managing the technical aspects of filming.

Freelance Journalist

Sell your well-researched stories to news outlets around the world.

Headline Writer

Condense a big idea into an eye-catching newspaper or website headline.

Image Consultant

Advise clients on how to look good.

Internet Reputation Manager

Keep companies safe from negative publicity in the Internet.


Investigate events and people to tell the public what’s going on.

Line Producer

Keep track of the budget for TV or film productions.


Bring the interests of companies or groups to the attention of Lawmakers.

Magazine Editor

Prepare magazines for publication.

Managing Editor

Assign stories to writers and give final approval on each magazine issue.

Morning Show Host

Cover news and other engaging topics for early morning TV.

Music Producer

Oversee the development and production of songs and albums.

Music Publicist

Help albums or Recording Artists gain popularity.

News Anchor

Cover important news stories on your nightly broadcast.

Newspaper Editor

Piece together news stories into a finished paper.

Newspaper Managing Editor

Oversee the day-to-day operations of a newspaper’s editorial department.

Online Community Manager

Create, maintain, and participate in online groups to help marketing.

Production Manager

Order supplies, supervise staff, and manage production processes.

Public Relations Specialist

Build a good name for a company.


Get good media coverage for your clients.

Radio Announcer

Use your engaging voice to record intros, promos, and more for radio.

Radio Producer

Take charge of what your radio station broadcasts.


Investigate and write up news stories for TV, web, or print.

Science Journalist

Report on scientific breakthroughs in print, the web, or TV.

Second Assistant Director

Help the First Assistant Director to keep film production running smoothly.

Senior Editor

Oversee stories and staff for a section of a newspaper or magazine.


Lead the daily work of creating a television show.

Social Media Consultant

Advise clients about creating an online presence through social media.

Social Media Manager

Handle the day-to-day aspects of running social media platforms.

Social Media Strategist

Help clients harness the power of social media for their marketing efforts.


Make public statements on behalf of your company.

Sports Analyst

Provide in-depth predictions about sports teams and players.

Sports Information Director

Generate media publicity for a university’s athletic teams.

Sports Reporter

Cover games and keep viewers in-the-know about sports news.

Tabletop Director

Use special tricks of the trade to stage enticing food advertisements.

Talk Show Host

Interview guests to entertain TV audiences.

Television Associate Producer

Help develop content and manage production for TV Producers.

Television Executive Producer

Make all major creative and business decisions for TV Shows.

Television News Producer

Coordinate the staff, production, and media clips for on-air news shows.

Television Producer

Manage the business side of producing TV shows.

Theater Director

Act as the driving creative force behind a play or musical.

Third Assistant Director

Keep the cast and crew working together on a movie set.

Traffic Reporter

Let drivers know about accidents and construction via radio or TV.

Travel Writer

Discover new places and report on your travels for your readers.


Capture events, weddings, and small music videos on film.

Visual Effects Producer

Develop visual concepts, schedules and budgets for film special effects.