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Human Development Degree: What to expect?

There are few things more amazingly intricate than the human body and mind. Humans are unique creatures with free will (although this might be disputed in your philosophy class), decision-making abilities, and of course, opposable thumbs. If a career working with children, adults, or the elderly interests you, here’s what to expect from a degree in human development.


There are many roads into a career in the social services, counseling, and medical care fields. While earning your psychology degree is one way of getting to know all about the mind, a human development degree combines psychology with sociology, biology, and linguistics to give you a more holistic view of the mind and body.

Your coursework will include an array of subjects. You’ll cover the sciences, but you’ll also be exposed to the social aspects of humans, such as how we relate to stress, abuse, death, and work. You’ll learn about human development (of course) from birth through adulthood and into the later years.

Next Step

Your bachelor’s degree will offer you passage into entry-level positions. If you want to work as a Caseworker or in another position in social services, you’ll want to earn your master’s in human development.

Classes at this level will prepare you for counseling and teach you about public policies. It’s also a great time to grab hold of an internship or put in some volunteer hours. This vital experience will give you confidence, valuable resume experience, and knowledge that can’t be learned in a classroom.


Teaching and some counseling positions will necessitate certification. Check with your state for specific requirements.

Careers You May Like

Tobacco Prevention Health Educator

Coach people on how to avoid or quit smoking.

Oncology Social Worker

Get patients through the challenges of fighting cancer.

Geriatric Care Manager

Formulate care plans for seniors.

Domestic Violence Counselor

Provide therapeutic support for victims of domestic violence.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Counsel married couples and entire families on relationship issues.

Mental Health Practitioner

Diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Addictions Counselor

Help people overcome addictions and lead a healthy life.


Lead and serve to create political change on behalf of the public.

Substance Abuse Social Worker

Connect addicts with the resources they need to break the habit.

Social Caseworker

Put abused children on the path toward healing.

Foreign Student Adviser

Help students overcome the challenges of studying in a different country.

Academic Advisor

Help students choose classes and find the path to success.

Marriage Counselor

Help couples work out marriage problems.

Family Therapist

Provide therapy to strengthen family bonds.

Bereavement Coordinator

Link grieving people to services that can help them cope.

Mental Health Counselor

Offer mental health patients hope for a better life.

Clinical Social Worker

Guide drug addicts, mental patients, and others toward the help they need.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Help patients break free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Guidance Counselor

Help people find direction in their lives.

Community Health Educator

Teach community members how to live a healthy life.

Independent Living Specialist

Equip disabled people with the tools for independence.

Community Organizer

Bring the community's concerns to the authorities' attention.

Nurse Educator

Teach university students about nursing.

Social Worker

Equip people in crisis with the resources they need to recover.

Child Welfare Specialist

Investigate cases and find supportive homes for abused or neglected kids.

Life Coach

Counsel, guide, and motivate others to improve all areas of their lives.

Health Educator

Guide people toward healthy lifestyle choices.

Geriatric Social Worker

Help seniors cope with the problems of aging.

Community Care Coordinator

Organize social services for a community.

Career Coach

Use Inside Jobs to guide people toward discovering their ideal career.

Public Health Educator

Provide information to the general public about leading healthy lives.

Clinical Case Manager

Assess and resolve cases of abuse, drug addiction, and more.

Grief Counselor

Provide counseling to people who are experiencing loss.

Victim Advocate

Advise victims of crime on the legal options available to them.

Adoption Therapist

Ease the emotional challenges that accompany adoption.

Adoption Specialist

Advise couples on adoption laws and procedures.

Senior Advisor

Serve as an expert on the needs of seniors.

Community Advocate

Create public awareness for a good cause.

Child Welfare Caseworker

Investigate cases and find supportive homes for abused or neglected kids.

Political Caseworker

Convey the public's most pressing concerns to Politicians.

School Counselor

Help students in their personal and educational development.

Director of Counseling

Run counseling and mental health services programs for those in need.

Community Liaison

Connect organizations to the people they serve.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Let the community in on company news.

Veterans Service Officer

Help veterans apply for benefits.

Youth Counselor

Guide teenagers through the challenges they face.

Community Health Worker

Bring health services to disadvantaged communities.

Family Support Worker

Connect families with the services they need.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Coach patients through problems by changing the way they think.