How to Ace an Interview

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The Graphs:

Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation Report reflects the opinions of more than 800 recruiters. As part of the survey, respondents highlight both positive and negative factors that are most likely to be deal makers and deal breakers during the interview process. These graphs illustrate the percentage of recruiters who agree that a given factor either helps a candidate’s chances, or disqualifies them.

The Message:

Preparing for an interview requires more than simply reading the job description and learning a little about the company; during your interview, you are typically being evaluated on more than your knowledge. Recruiters want to see that you would make for a good cultural fit, in addition to having the right skills for the role. Being aware of social cues and having the right attitude can land you the role, or give you the edge in a tiebreaker scenario.

In addition to industry knowledge, recruiters note that conversation skills and enthusiasm are among the top factors that put a positive spin on an interview. Lesser but also helpful factors include being on time, preparing questions, dressing/grooming appropriately, and bringing work samples. Commonalities such as having gone to the same school or knowing someone in common is not considered important, though it certainly isn’t a point against you.

There are a lot of automatic disqualifiers, but they are generally easy to avoid, so best to be aware of them ahead of time. The top turn offs are being rude to a receptionist or staff member, checking your cellphone, showing up late, or having bad hygiene. These may seem like common sense, but if they weren’t issues, recruiters wouldn’t need to mention them!

Though interviews can require a lot of preparation, giving yourself an edge with these factors is simple, and can make all the difference. You may be the smartest, most capable candidate, but if the recruiter doesn’t think you’d make a good team member, you may be out of luck. So show off your skills, but don’t forget to be friendly, keep a good attitude, and show up on time.

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