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Hospital Security Certificate

Working as a Security Guard is serious business. When you don the uniform, you become like Superman making the rest of us feel safe. And few security positions offer more challenge and esteem than those in a hospital setting. Certification is required in most states for most security positions, and those working in hospital security are no exception.

What can hospital security certification do for me?

If you already work as a Security Guard in another industry, but wish to move into hospital security, this extra credential can make the transition much easier. If you’ve recently begun work as a Hospital Security Guard, certification is likely a requirement of your new job.


Much of your hospital security training will take place on the job. You’ll learn about your facility and the standard safety procedures for visitors, patients, and employees. After all, it’s your job to make sure the place is safe against terrorist attacks as well as disgruntled patients and visitors.

In addition, you protect against theft and infant abductions. Guards with seniority are a great resource when learning these skills.

Your employer may send you to a training seminar where you can acquire in-depth hospital security training. Seminars and ongoing training may be offered on site or through an offsite training program. Either way, they’ll likely be sponsored by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS).

Next Step

The IAHSS offers three levels of certification: basic, advanced, and Supervisor. The basic is, well, the most basic. As your experience and knowledge increase, you can pursue the advanced and Supervisor credentials.

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