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Fashion Merchandising Degree: What to expect?

Fashion, fashion, fashion. If the topic makes up more than a few of your conversations, then you’ve probably dreamed of running a fashion show or being a Fashion Consultant. It’s a competitive industry, but don’t let that deter you. With a degree in fashion merchandising and some experience, you can make your dreams come true.

And it’s easy to get started. Simply read this article and then check out some of the schools listed to find a fashion merchandising major that’s right for you.


Before you can accessorize that Model or mannequin, expand your knowledge of fashion by enrolling in a fashion merchandising program. You’ll learn about different fabrics, ways to put together a look, and who the major players are in the fashion world.

But there’s more to the fashion industry than eye shadow and heels. There’s a business side that requires you to know about trends, economics, budgets, computers, design practices, and marketing techniques. In addition to taking classes that cover these topics, you’ll also learn about how cultures differ in their fashion philosophies.

To earn your associate’s or four-year degree, scour campuses in your area, consider moving to a fashion-forward city (such as New York), and evaluate programs that offer an online fashion merchandising degree.

Next Step

Take every opportunity to chisel your skills in the industry. Find entry-level positions creating displays at the retail level, work behind the scenes at a fashion show, or snag an internship with a Fashion Designer.

For other opportunities, consider becoming a Personal Shopper or a Fashion Consultant. You could work with a Wedding Planner to advise the bride and groom about tuxedos and dresses for the wedding party, or become a Department Manager for your favorite Designer or retailer.

Careers You May Like

Wedding Coordinator

Make sure weddings go off without a hitch.


Call out rapid-fire bids during art, antique, or private auctions.


Purchase the goods a company needs for the best price you can negotiate.

Wine Importer

Ship in the best wines from abroad to distribute locally.

Wine Buyer

Supply restaurants or shops with selections of wine.

Art Buyer

Locate and buy works of art for clients.

Fashion Buyer

Choose and purchase the items a fashion retail store will sell.

Merchandise Manager

Decide what goods a retail store will sell, and how they will be marketed.

Retail Buyer

Acquire goods from wholesalers or manufacturers to sell at retail stores.

Shoe Buyer

Fill a retail store's shoe racks with the trendiest footwear.

Artisan Food Wholesale Buyer

Track down and purchase specialty foods for wholesalers.

Art Dealer

Serve as a middleman between art sellers and buyers.

Personal Shopper

Provide advice to clients for their specific purchase requirements.

Product Manager

Coordinate a product's journey from planning to distribution.