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Environmental Management Degree: What to expect?

In corner one, the environment. In corner two, commerce. And the referee? The Environmental Manager.

With an environmental management degree, you oversee the responsible use of natural resources by businesses and organizations. Acting as a negotiator between planet Earth and the people who use its resources, you help drive commerce forward while keeping the planet — and its people — healthy and happy.


As an Environmental Manager, you play Doctor to the Earth. You keep track of its ailments, from air pollution levels to contaminated water, and prescribe a treatment plan for improved environmental health. A two- to four-year degree in environmental management or environmental studies gives you the knowledge to understand environmental situations, as well as the critical thinking skills you’ll need to find eco-friendly solutions.

The program is split between environmental science and management classes and the business side of your work — statistics, advanced mathematics, and project management. Depending on your ideal career, you might seek out a degree in a particular field, such as a wildlife management degree. Both online and on-campus options are available for an education that fits your lifestyle.

Next Step

So what can you do with a degree in environmental management? Your associate’s or bachelor’s degree prepares you for a career as an Environmental Analyst or a Lab Technician. You’ll help businesses go green, conduct experiments to find out what’s contaminating a source of water, and write policies to control pollution.

Once you’ve been in the field for a year or two, you may find that one area of environmental management stands out to you. Consider returning to school, or seeking online classes, for your master’s in environmental management. The extra training focuses on a specific area of ecology and sustainability, allowing you to do what you love — whether it’s dealing with the proper disposal of hazardous waste or protecting forest creatures from losing their homes to deforestation.

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