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Culinary Management Degree: What to expect?

Even for culinary masters not involved in a “Top Chef ” cook-off or a desperate attempt to make Gordon Ramsay happy, a kitchen is a fairly hectic place. Knives fly, desserts need plates, and food needs to make it out to tables piping hot. There’s definitely a lot that goes into making a kitchen run smoothly, from making sure Waiters show up on time to ordering enough of an ingredient for the night’s special, and most of it has little to do with actual cooking.

If you have superb organizational skills and love being around food, but have no desire to cook, culinary management may be the perfect field. You’re the one who takes care of the business side of creating gourmet food, doing everything from training new staff to preparing the yearly budget to planning out the latest marketing strategy.


Though you can work your way into a management position in a kitchen or food establishment, competition for these jobs is getting stiffer. One of the best ways to stand out is to combine your skills and experience with a degree in culinary management.

In your culinary management training, you can expect to spend time learning about subjects such as human resources management, accounting, and hospitality. Examples of possible classes include wine and spirits management, international traditions and protocol, and event management.

You can get a culinary management degree at just about every level. This means you can decide to spend two years in school and get an associate’s, or delve deeper into the subject and end up with a four-year bachelor’s or six-year master’s. There are even online culinary management degrees that allow you to earn a four-year bachelor’s, all while you continue to work, grabbing extra experience and hands-on training.

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Those who graduate with culinary management degrees can work for small, well-known restaurants or large, international chains. Catering companies and food development departments also employ degree holders in this field. Or you can choose to become a Culinary Instructor.

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