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Advertising Degree: What to expect?

If you want to know what the typical workday of an Advertiser is like, imagine the show Mad Men, but without the copious drinking, flirting, and shirking of work. In fact, just take the basics: that Advertisers meet with clients, figure out what those clients are looking for, and then, through a combination of marketing data and creativity, come up with an advertising campaign that satisfies the customers.

Advertisers are the people who draw attention to products, companies, organizations, or services. They create catchy slogans and attractive images that pop up in television commercials, billboards, and magazine ads.


Getting into this field requires at least a four-year bachelor’s degree. It’s not really important what you study, though a degree in business or communications can be the most helpful. The reason why there’s no set degree in advertising is that this field encompasses such a range of skills that employers simply look for those who can accomplish the necessary tasks. These skills include being able to function well within a team, communicate effectively, and work on schedule.

Since most schools don’t have a specific major in advertising, you should minor or specialize in the field. Online universities and art schools are excellent places to look for this field of study, and getting an online advertising degree can be a wonderful option if you hope to work while going to school, or are looking to gain extra experience to add to your already-full resume.

No matter where you go, expect to spend your time in school learning subjects like digital production skills, layout techniques, and color and style options.

Next Step

After you graduate, look for entry-level positions as a Media Coordinator, or Account Manager. Though some continue on to get advertising master’s degrees, for the most part, hard work combined with experience is all that’s necessary to move up the company ladder.

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Careers You May Like

Account Executive

Increase company profits by looking after customers and making sales.

Advertising Account Manager

Oversee the business process of creating ad campaigns for clients.

Advertising and Promotion Manager

Head up the team in charge of marketing a product.

Advertising Copywriter

Create memorable product descriptions and catch-phrases for ads.

Advertising Director

Create and execute an overall advertising plan for your company.

Advertising Executive

Organize ad campaigns for clients.

Advertising Manager

Develop ad campaigns by managing one or all areas of an ad department.

Art Director

Control the overall look of an ad, movie, or TV show.

Arts Administrator

Manage the business side of putting up art shows.

Arts Manager

Oversee an art department with a mix of creative and business skills.

Book Publicist

Create hype for newly published books.

Chief Listening Officer

Listen to consumer conversations on social media to improve your company.

Community Relations Coordinator

Promote a company through community outreach.


Create texts for websites, papers, advertisements and more.

Creative Director

Lead your organization’s creative projects from concept to completion.

Director of Marketing

Create concepts and strategies to sell products.

Fashion Publicist

Build up the reputation of a fashion brand or designer.

Film Art Director

Manage the department charged with creating movie sets.

Image Consultant

Advise clients on how to look good.

Internet Reputation Manager

Keep companies safe from negative publicity in the Internet.


Bring the interests of companies or groups to the attention of Lawmakers.

Marketing Strategist

Perform research to discover how best to sell a product.

Music Publicist

Help albums or Recording Artists gain popularity.

Production Designer

Design the look of a film set and supervise the team that creates it.

Promotions Coordinator

Generate publicity and profits for your company.

Promotions Director

Create gimmicks to market a radio station.

Public Relations Specialist

Build a good name for a company.


Get good media coverage for your clients.


Make public statements on behalf of your company.

Sports Information Director

Generate media publicity for a university’s athletic teams.

Video Game Technical Art Director

Make sure video games not only look good but are also glitch-free.