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7 Careers for shy people

Some people love the spotlight; they chat up Barista, work as Talk Show Hosts, and bond with Salespeople everywhere. This, however, is not you. If the idea of talking to someone makes you clam up and get knots in your stomach, check out these career options for shy people.

1. Forestry Technician — This is the perfect job for shy people because you literally spend your days miles away from others. Forestry Technicians work in the forest to protect and preserve the country’s woods and wildlife.

2. Writer — It doesn’t matter if your office is your home or a coffee shop, or if you’re working on a novel or a magazine article. Writers are pretty notorious for being silent observers of life. Maybe it’s because all that’s required for this job is a working pen or computer, and some time with your own thoughts.

3. Certified Public Accountant — At first, it might seem surprising that this is a career for shy people. But remember, you spend your days buried in spreadsheets and formulas. Tucked away in a cubicle (or, hopefully, a corner office), you make sure a company’s numbers add up.

4. Researcher — You can help cure diseases or find a new species of animal. The one constant in this job is that you’ll be tucked away in a lab, hidden behind a microscope.

5. Engineer — No matter the specialty (chemical, mechanical, electrical), Engineers are fairly well known for their ability to create rather than their skill with people.

6. Livestock Rancher — If people make you uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to simply avoid them. Livestock Ranchers spend their days with animals—raising, breeding, and caring for large creatures such as cows and horses.

7. Computer Programmer — If you’re more comfortable with programming languages than English, check out this job. Computer Programmers write code for software used in everything from games to online shopping.

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Television Writer

Spin memorable stories for TV audiences.

Script Supervisor

Make sure the details of a movie are consistent from scene to scene.

Reptile Farmer

Breed snakes, lizards, or turtles to be sold to stores or labs.


Write scenes and plays for theater productions.

Medical Writer

Translate medical jargon into detailed, but readable language.


Help update or create new dictionaries.

Greeting Card Writer

Think up meaningful verses for greeting cards.

Fiction Writer

Turn imaginative ideas into books or short stories.

Dog Breeder

Breed dogs to encourage desirable physical and personality traits.

Comic Book Writer

Pen fantastic comic book stories.

Cat Breeder

Mate award-winning show cats to breed another generation of purebreds.


Master the art of storytelling to create books for others to read.

Technical Writer

Prepare documents about technical information in a way so that people who have nontechnical backgrounds can understand it.

Network Administrator

Monitor a company's computer network to ensure peak performance.

Forest Ranger

Survey, manage, and protect national forests.


Publish your thoughts and insights for online audiences.


Create and develop innovative ideas and products.

Statistical Programmer

Develop computer software that organizes statistical data.

Content Strategist

Create a brand identity through articles, videos, and other unique media.


Write anything from scripts or news to blogs or books.

Certified Public Accountant

Prepare and file taxes for clients.

Forestry Technician

Help protect national forest resources through hands-on conservation.


Write dialogue and directions for a motion picture.

Reliability Engineer

Make sure products are long lasting and top quality.

Food Engineer

Help improve the design, packaging, and quality of food products.

Textbook Writer

Write educational articles and quizzes to help students learn.

Nonfiction Writer

Research and write histories, biographies, and science books.

Writing Consultant

Help new Writers find their voice, an Agent and, ultimately, a Publisher.

Web Editor

Make sure a company's web content is in line with its image and goals.


Weave interesting characters and plots together to write best sellers.


Create texts for websites, papers, advertisements and more.

Field Engineer

Maintain and oversee the maintenance of a company's equipment.

Game Tester

Play video games to make sure they're bug-free.


Use words and rhymes to create poetry.

Systems Analyst

Match clients with the best computer systems for their needs.

Mystery Writer

Write intriguing books to keep your readers in suspense.

Junior Engineer

Perform engineering work under the guidance of senior engineers.

Java Developer

Use the Java programming language to build computer programs.

Enterprise Architect

Ensure that a company's IT system perfectly matches its business goals.

Simulation Engineer

Create digital models to simulate events, circumstances, or new designs.

Ethical Hacker

Find a computer system's weak spots by deliberately hacking it.

Game Programmer

Write the code for computer games.

Romance Writer

Create novels full of love, lust, and passion for your dedicated fans.

Weapons Engineer

Design, develop, and test weapons for the government.

Advertising Copywriter

Create memorable product descriptions and catch-phrases for ads.


Write lyrics and catchy phrases to accompany melodies.