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7 Artistic jobs that pay well

Whether you have an eye for fashion, a compulsion to write, or a desire to create feature films, being an Artist doesn’t mean that you have to live on boxed macaroni and cheese. Check out these artistic careers that allow to you plan for retirement and still spend your days pursuing your passion.

1) Photographer — Live in the wilds of Africa in search of nearly extinct wildlife, create one-of-a-kind memories by photographing weddings, or travel with families and create a feature film that captures their vacation.

2) Art Director — Use your artistic eye to guide the visual details on a television or film set. Or, put that vision to use in publishing or advertising campaigns.

3) Film Director — It takes vision, industry knowledge, and an ability to use technology to capture the talked-about images that make it past the cutting room floor and into the theater.

4) Art Professor — You’ve got a passion. Painting, ceramics, drawing—whatever it is, spend your days sharing your knowledge and helping develop the skills of the next generation of Artists.

5) Talent Agent — This job allows you direct access behind the stage. Your ability to identify that certain something within an Actor keeps your artistic side happy while you track down Actors, set up and supervise auditions, and complete contracts.

6) Fashion Designer — Gather up those designs you’ve been doodling on cocktail napkins and notebooks. Whether you focus on the perfect bicycling shorts or the newest skirt design, your artistic vision is put to good use.

7) Architect — If you constantly pull over to admire the unique architecture of a building, then roll up your sleeves and start penciling out your own creations. Soon, it will be your vision taking shape on the construction site.

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Careers You May Like


Build and repair stringed instruments by hand.

Art Professor

Teach university students about art.

Architectural Project Manager

Coordinate building projects, from design to construction.

Multimedia Artist

Show your art in a variety of channels, like digital, film, and video.

Comic Book Artist

Illustrate high-impact pictures for comic books.

Package Designer

Create appealing and functional packaging for products.

Scientific Illustrator

Create highly accurate drawings for students and scientists.

Set Decorator

Fit out movie sets to give the story an authentic feel.


Create images and pictures to enrich stories.

Fashion Director

Design and manage the image of a fashion magazine or store.

Film Director

Drive the creative and artistic vision of a film.

Graphic Designer

Create high impact images that deliver a message.

Art Appraiser

Figure out the true value of artwork.

Casting Assistant

Help Casting Director by providing office support.

Theater Director

Act as the driving creative force behind a play or musical.


Create comic strips.

Character Designer

Create the appearance of complex animated characters.


Put animation and real film footage together to make one amazing movie.

Interior Decorator

Spruce up home and office spaces with your creative touch.

Headshot Photographer

Capture the essence of actors, authors, or models with close-up shots.

Fashion Photographer

Snap photos of runway models and the latest designs.

Space Planner

Make the best use of spaces by creating efficient plans.

Dance Costume Designer

Put together showy outfits that Dancers can move in.

Interior Designer

Build and beautify inside spaces.

Production Designer

Design the look of a film set and supervise the team that creates it.

Lighting Designer

Arrange lighting effects for a variety of productions.


Capture images of the world for newspapers, websites, and art exhibits.

Courtroom Sketch Artist

Draw images of court cases when photographs are not permitted.


Handle and arrange all plants, live or fake, on TV and film sets.


Make illustrated objects come to life using artistic and technical talents.

Interior Design Assistant

Lend a hand with interior design projects.

Tattoo Artist

Ink all sorts of designs onto skin.

Artistic Director

Drive creative direction plus hire key staff for an artistic organization.

Lingerie Designer

Sew and sell sexy underwear.

Flash Designer

Create animated, interactive web pages using Flash.

Roller Coaster Designer

Make rollercoasters that are safe, fun, and thrilling.

Set Designer

Fit out the stage for theater productions.


Paint massive pictures on walls and other large surfaces.

Second Assistant Director

Help the First Assistant Director to keep film production running smoothly.

Texture Artist

Draw the details that make games and animated movies look more realistic.

2D Animator

Make 2D images move using hand drawings or computer software.

Food Photographer

Take close-ups of scrumptious salads, soups, and entres for menus or ads.

Technical Artist

Design awesome game graphics that won't cause computers to crash.

Nature Photographer

Snap pictures of landscapes and wildlife for magazines and journals.

Car Designer

Dream up and create the look of a car inside and out.

Industrial Designer

Make products both functional and safe for consumers.

Fashion Illustrator

Translate a Fashion Designer's ideas into drawings.

Underwater Photographer

Dive below the waves to take pictures of the underwater world.

Product Designer

Make functional and attractive products from start to finish.

Unit Stills Photographer

Work on movie sets taking publicity photos of Actors during filming.

Concept Artist

Think up characters, objects, or environments for films or video games.

Music Photographer

Create images of Musicians at work in the studio.

Kitchen and Bath Designer

Create pretty yet practical kitchens and bathrooms.

Arts Manager

Oversee an art department with a mix of creative and business skills.

3D Animator

Bring illustrated objects to life for movies and video games.

Furniture Designer

Design and create unique furniture from scratch.

Restoration Artist

Help bring back the original look and splendor of a piece of art.


Use your artistic talents to make innovative products.

Environment Artist

Design the scenery of a video game.

Layout Artist

Arrange a web page, poster, or magazine in an appealing manner.

Forensic Photographer

Record images of crime scenes and victims to bring about justice.

Special Effects Crew

Build props for use as movie special effects.

Interior Design Project Manager

Oversee interior design projects.

Art Director

Control the overall look of an ad, movie, or TV show.

Creative Director

Lead your organization's creative projects from concept to completion.

Matte Painter

Make backdrops for movies.

Infographic Artist

Use graphics to express ideas, facts, and information.

Film Art Director

Manage the department charged with creating movie sets.

Storyboard Artist

Create a series of drawings showing the flow of a movie or ad.

Video Game Technical Artist

Animate game art by writing its computer code.

Visual Development Artist

Help develop the visual world of an animated film.

Fashion Stylist

Choose clothes and accessories for celebrities.

Architectural Photographer

Use skillful photography to make buildings and homes look their best.

Motion Graphic Artist

Design dynamic graphics through animation, video, and sounds.

Environmental Artist

Produce art to promote environmental causes.

Visual Merchandiser

Decide how products and clothing will be displayed in a store.

Stop Motion Animator

Make animated films or shorts using the stop motion technique.


Adorn canvases with colorful paint.

Shoe Designer

Create stylish shoes for every occasion.

Fashion Designer

Set trends with your beautiful clothing designs.

Cinematic Artist

Produce graphics that make video games flow like a movie.

Book Designer

Craft attention-grabbing book covers.

Photo Stylist

Create the perfect atmosphere for photo shoots.

Food Stylist

Make food look scrumptious for photo and film shoots.

3D Modeler

Create digital models that can be viewed from all angles.

Art Department Coordinator

Organize schedules, budgets, and staff for a film set's art department.

Exhibit Designer

Plan and put up exhibits for museums, galleries, and the like.

Wildlife Photographer

Shoot pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Police Sketch Artist

Draw portraits of crime suspects to help investigations.


Create pieces of art that are beautiful, provocative, or cutting-edge.

Mixed Media Artist

Fashion works of art by mixing and matching various materials.

Forensic Sculptor

Construct sculptures to show what crime victims look like.