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5 Jobs for Sociology Majors

Since time began, humans have lived together in groups to increase their chances of survival. Today, modern society still forms groups, be it political, religious, or cultural in nature. Sociologists turn their love of research and their fascination with human behavior into careers solving social problems so different groups can get along together. The jobs you can do with a sociology degree vary widely and offer plenty of choices.

If you’re constantly asking, “Why?” and the actions of the human race intrigue you, consider one of these top careers for sociology majors.

1. Advertising Consultant* — Sociology is all about understanding how certain groups of people think and what appeals to them. Your ability to research and predict certain behaviors of groups based on age, race, and social background is pure gold to advertising firms, who need to target their audiences specifically if they ever wish to see their products leave the shelves.

2. Social Statistician* — Talk about data overload! Today’s technology can collect vast amounts of info on human behavior, but it still needs someone to process the data to make it worthwhile. As a Social Statistician, you’re a data interpreter. You examine data from surveys and studies to extract the patterns hiding inside.

3. Penologist* — It may sound like the scientific study of ink pens, but penology is actually the intensive study of prison and rehabilitation systems. As a Penologist, you research ways to lower crime rates and reform criminals into law-abiding citizens.

4. Rural Sociologist* — Living conditions play a major role in how groups act, and city folk and country folk differ in their day-to-day lives. As a Rural Sociologist, you study how groups in rural areas get by in life and how their living conditions affect them. More interested in the city? Seek out an Urban Sociologist position to hold the same job type, only with a big city spin on it.

5. Advocate* — Your career choices as an Advocate are limited only by the number of worthy causes you want to support. Patient Advocates and Victim Advocates help those who have suffered injustices from the health care system, unfair laws, or other people. You give a voice to the sufferings of these people, and work to find solutions to individual problems and influence future policies to prevent further injustices.

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Bereavement Coordinator

Link grieving people to services that can help them cope.

Community Advocate

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Independent Living Specialist

Equip disabled people with the tools for independence.

Inside Sales Representative

Sell your company’s goods and services directly from the store.

Patient Advocate

Support patients as they seek healthcare.

Patient Representative

Resolve health care complaints and problems in hospitals or clinics.

Sales Executive

Hunt down new contracts and clients as your company’s lead salesperson.

Social Ecologist

Solve environmental problems by addressing social ones.


Conduct research to find out how people behave in varying social groups.

Victim Advocate

Advise victims of crime on the legal options available to them.