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100 Careers for English Majors: They Do Exist (Really!)

A lifelong sports fan, James found his dream job when he landed a gig as Marketing Director for a pro sports team in Baltimore. He spends his days coming up with creative ideas to promote his team and reach more fans.

Caleb grew up reading everything he could about politics. Today, he lives in the high-energy hustle of Washington DC and works as a Lobbyist for a human rights advocacy group.

Elena started creating computer code in high school, but her real love was writing. As a Software Engineer for a San Francisco start-up, she’s found success by combining her tech skills and communication savvy.

What do they all have in common? They majored in English.

Anyone with an English degree will tell you that picking this major can lead to a lot skeptical questions: “What are you going to do after school?” or “What kind of a job can you really get with an English degree?”

But the awesome part about this major is its flexibility—you’re not confined to a specific vocational track. Instead, the skills you learn can be applied to a ton of different industries—from business, education, government, and research, to publishing, entertainment, media, and communication.

As editor and professor Verlyn Klinkenborg puts it: “English majors turn up almost anywhere, in almost any career.”

Why all the career options? It’s simple: English majors know how to communicate. And that’s a vital talent for all kinds of jobs. You write well, organize ideas in a logical way, and create strong arguments. Add razor-sharp analytical thinking, a good dose of creativity, and awesome research skills, and you’ve got the makings of a great career.

Of course, whatever path you choose to pursue, you need to supplement your classes with some real world experience. If your heart is set on publishing, try your hand at a magazine internship. If you want to be a PR superstar, volunteer your weekends at a firm. This in-the-trenches training will help you stand out from the crowd.

Ready to see where an English degree can take you? Check out this list of over 100 great career ideas for English majors >>

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Careers You May Like

Youth Ministry Director

Design classes that encourage young people to participate in religion.


Write new laws as a member of the Senate.

Cultural Anthropologist

Trace the cultural history of human beings.

Litigation Paralegal

Help Litigation Lawyers win cases by handling the prep work.


Hunt down the best candidates and lure them in with attractive offers.

Unit Production Manager

Take care of the logistics of budgets and schedules for film productions.


Investigate events and people to tell the public what's going on.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Counsel married couples and entire families on relationship issues.

Hedge Fund Accountant

Keep tabs on the performance of hedge funds.

Marketing Manager

Oversee the implementation of a company's marketing plan.

Public Relations Specialist

Build a good name for a company.


Oversee exhibits at a museum or art gallery.

Immigration Lawyer

Guide clients through the visa application process.

Set Decorator

Fit out movie sets to give the story an authentic feel.

Software Engineer

Design, program, and update software.

Court Interpreter

Help non-English-speaking suspects and witnesses follow court proceedings.

Film Director

Drive the creative and artistic vision of a film.

Apartment Leasing Agent

Fill your apartment complex with trustworthy renters of your choosing.

Textile Conservator

Preserve gowns, tapestries, and other fabric-based museum pieces.

Museum Technician

Perform hands-on work on museum items, like cleaning and arranging.

Brand Ambassador

Market a products through demos and promos.

Director of Admissions

Work with admissions officers to decide who gets accepted into a school.


Explain spoken sentences in a different language.

Advertising Director

Create and execute an overall advertising plan for your company.

Curriculum Developer

Decide what methods and topics will be used to teach lessons.


Convert written information from one language into another.

Gallery Director

Manage both the creative and business sides of running an art gallery.

Sports Information Director

Generate media publicity for a university's athletic teams.

Marketing Consultant

Formulate thoroughly researched marketing plans for businesses.

Web Developer

Build the programming behind websites.


Support Lawyers by doing research and paperwork on their cases.


Write anything from scripts or news to blogs or books.


Calculate income and expenses for companies or individuals.

Production Designer

Design the look of a film set and supervise the team that creates it.

Television Director

Make the creative calls to get the shots you want on a TV set.

Medical Interpreter

Help Doctors and patients communicate across language barriers.


Optimize an organization's performance as its highest-ranking leader.

New Media Specialist

Use the Internet to market a company.

Sports Reporter

Cover games and keep viewers in-the-know about sports news.

Clinical Psychologist

Provide psychological counseling to patients in a clinic setting.


Write dialogue and directions for a motion picture.


Provide legal advice or courtroom guidance to your clients.

Associate Producer

Oversee secondary budget and business details for Movie or TV Producer.

Line Producer

Keep track of the budget for TV or film productions.

Science Journalist

Report on scientific breakthroughs in print, the web, or TV.

Set Designer

Fit out the stage for theater productions.

Film Archivist

Catalog and protect old films.

Art Museum Curator

Manage the art collections at a museum.

Collections Manager

Direct all activities in a museum's or zoo's collections department.


Study human societies and cultures.

Business Development Director

Forge profitable partnerships for your company.

Assistant Principal

Serve as the Principal's backup in managing a school.

International Lawyer

Handle the legal aspect of setting up business overseas.

Digital Archivist

Preserve important papers by making and organizing digital copies.

Landscape Architect

Create parks and gardens as a licensed professional.

Music Executive

Manage the business of recording music.

Counseling Psychologist

Provide talk therapy to help patients through their emotional challenges.


Create texts for websites, papers, advertisements and more.

School Counselor

Help students in their personal and educational development.

Media Buyer

Purchase ad space in print and online.

Digital Strategist

Promote your company through digital media.

Internet Reputation Manager

Keep companies safe from negative publicity in the Internet.

Software Architect

Oversee the design and implementation of computer software.

GED Instructor

Help students prepare for the GED exam.

Stage Manager

Coordinate all technical aspects of a live theatrical production.

Veterans Service Officer

Help veterans apply for benefits.

Marketing Strategist

Perform research to discover how best to sell a product.

Art Director

Control the overall look of an ad, movie, or TV show.

Landscape Designer

Beautify spaces by planting greenery and erecting garden structures.

Creative Director

Lead your organization's creative projects from concept to completion.

Divorce Mediator

Help couples work out the terms of their divorce outside of a court.


Represent the government in other countries.

Middle School Principal

Provide leadership to middle school students, Teachers, and staff.


Impart your knowledge of a particular subject matter to others.

Public Relations Manager

Work with the media to build a good reputation for your company.

Music Lawyer

Negotiate contracts for Singers and bands.

Film Art Director

Manage the department charged with creating movie sets.


Give verdicts on court cases.

Film Editor

Make the final narrative decisions on a movie by choosing the scene order.

Art Conservator

Repair works of art so they can still be enjoyed for years to come.

Software Developer

Build, test, and market computer software.

Family Support Worker

Connect families with the services they need.

Child Psychologist

Use various types of therapy to help kids with emotional or mental illness.

Music Editor

Plan and develop movie soundtracks.

Travel Agent

Help clients make travel plans and reservations.

Executive Assistant

Tend to all the business and travel needs of a corporate executive.

Advertising Manager

Develop ad campaigns by managing one or all areas of an ad department.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Coach patients through problems by changing the way they think.

Wedding Planner

Take the task of organizing an entire wedding out of the bride's hands.

Exhibit Designer

Plan and put up exhibits for museums, galleries, and the like.

Nonprofit Program Director

Lead efforts to generate publicity and funding for worthy causes.

Real Estate Analyst

Monitor real estate market conditions to help sales.


Write lyrics and catchy phrases to accompany melodies.

User Experience Designer

Make a website enjoyable and easy to use.


Make public statements on behalf of your company.

Brand Manager

Create strategies to increase a product's popularity.

Technical Recruiter

Search for ideal candidates to fill technical positions.

Mobile Application Developer

Create games and other apps for smartphones.

Real Estate Lawyer

Handle the legal side of buying and selling properties.

Urban Designer

Create plans for parks, streets, and other public infrastructure.

Newspaper Editor

Piece together news stories into a finished paper.