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Starting with the listed résumé sample, input your contact information and educational background in place of the sample provided. From there, replace the experience and other qualifications for the fictional professional’s with your personal history, utilizing the format provided.

The sample is simply meant as a guide; it is important that you alter the sample (significantly) to include your actual professional and educational background. Your uniqueness is what helps you stand out from the crowd. If you include a Career/Job Objective, make certain to identify the exact position you are applying for (e.g. To become a Staff Engineer for the XYZ company’s Buffalo Apartment Complex). For engineering positions:

  • Highlight mathematical proficiencies and if you have training and experience interpreting system architectural renderings. Advanced skills in calculus and being adept at reading/analyzing architectural plans is key for many engineering positions.
  • Specify technological experience acquired through coursework/training and in-the-field/practical experience. Research the companies you apply to and identify in your résumé your background with any such technologies.
  • Identify continuing education you complete(d); always update your résumé in this regard as an engineer who stays up-to-date on technological changes is a more desirable candidate for a job.

As for general responsibilities, even general engineering contractors are often positioned to do diagnostics and repairs in the areas where they are strongest (electrical, mechanical, or chemical engineering). Engineers will need to call upon their training constantly in several areas including thermodynamics, strength of materials, dynamics, heat transfer, electronics, and fluid mechanics. Assessing and repairing of technologies and facilities (including running diagnostics and performing routine maintenance) are an important part of the job.

Check out how to integrate these skills in the engineering resume sample below:

Download this resume sample.

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Engineering Resume (Text Format)


123 Whatever Street | Somewhere, NY 00000

555.555.5555 |


Bellwood College | Buffalo, NY (May 2017)

Bachelor of Science, Engineering


Smart Grid Technology Electrical Systems AC/DC Construction Design
Computer Hardware Productivity Improvements Security Systems
Compressed Air Systems Energy Code Compliance Facility Maintenance


Byron Construction | Rochester, NY (June 2017 – Present)
General Engineer

  • Adept at reviewing architectural plans for proper installation of HVAC systems, duct work, electrical wiring and appliances.
  • Proficiency in assisting electrical and mechanical engineering teams in identifying and repairing electrical and structural issues.
  • Trained and experienced in administering energy audits for homes and businesses.

Engineer Volunteer Corps | Rochester, NY (Summer 2016)

  • Aided licensed electrical engineers in installation of life safety systems in new housing development for residents displaced by fire.
  • Collaborated with mechanical engineers and architects to determine best placement for new ventilation systems.

Ed’s Hardware | Rochester, NY (May 2014 – May 2017)

  • Completed repairs of electrical systems for residential equipment including lawn tractors, lawn movers, snow blowers, and rototillers.
  • Implemented an on-call service; traveled to customers’ homes to assess repair needs and complete repairs to structures (drywall & ductwork installation).
  • Served as cashier as needed; assisted customers in determining equipment best suited to their needs and budget.
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