Nursing Cover Letter Sample

nursing resume and cover letter sample

A cover letter sample is exactly that—a sample. Use this sample as inspiration but don’t copy it entirely. You never want to submit a cover letter that looks exactly the same as your competitor’s cover letter (or a cover letter sample you find online). You must differentiate yourself.

When you write a cover letter for a nursing position, here are some best practices:

  • Be professional. Nursing is a high-stakes profession—you’re caring for the lives of other people, after all. Use your cover letter to demonstrate your professionalism.
  • Be specific. Every nurse cares for patients. To distinguish yourself, you need to include details. What populations have you worked with? What medical tests have you performed? What floors have you worked on?
  • Be compassionate. Nursing not only requires you to provide medical care, but emotional support as well. Illustrate your patient-first mentality.

Many nursing roles require the following skills: effective communication, flexibility, attention to detail, critical thinking, desire to learn, ability to administer medications, ability to manage intravenous lines, monitoring of patient conditions, managing records, communicating with doctors, and providing emotional support to patients and families. All of these tasks contribute to patient care.

Check out how to integrate these skills in the nursing cover letter sample below:

Download this cover letter sample.

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Neriah Nurse
123 Health Road
Chicago, IL 12345
(888) 888-8888

Application Date

XYZ Hospital
Chicago, IL 12345

Dear Ms. Stephanie Charles,

When I discovered the Charge Nurse position with XYZ Hospital, I was excited by the opportunity to provide care with a top-notch medical facility. In May 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University College. I am passionate about caring for patients and providing care that is informed by the most trustworthy medical research. My academic background, clinical experience, and interpersonal skills have prepared me well for this position.

Academic background. Several of the courses that have prepared me for this specific role include: Community Health Nursing, Advanced Clinical Problem Solving, and Introduction to Genetics & Molecular Therapeutics.

Clinical experience. During my BSN program, I participated in several semester-long clinicals. During my psychiatric rotation, I had clinicals 3 times each week and spent 4-6 hours communicating and interacting with patients every day. I completed another rotation in medical/surgery on a postoperative floor with 20 beds. These diverse experiences have prepared me well for the Charge Nurse position with XYZ hospital.

Interpersonal skills. As a Physician Office Assistant this summer, I took patient medical histories, charted vital signs, and performed EKG testing. Communicating with patients and collaborating with physicians required excellent interpersonal skills. These abilities will prove beneficial when managing a team of nurses and support staff at your facility.

I am excited by the chance to contribute to your hospital and would excel at caring for patients and managing shifts. My enclosed resume expands on my experience. I would be thrilled to join your dedicated team of professionals. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Neriah Nurse


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