Marketing Cover Letter Sample

marketing cover letter sample

A cover letter sample is exactly that—a sample. Use this sample as inspiration but avoid copying it entirely. You never want to submit a cover letter that looks exactly the same as your competitor’s cover letter (or a cover letter sample you find online). You must differentiate yourself.

When you write a cover letter for a marketing position, here are some best practices:

  • Be professional, yet creative. It’s marketing, after all! If you can’t capture the attention of the hiring manager, how will you capture the attention of their customers?
  • Quantify your achievements. In marketing, data is superior. Integrate numbers throughout your cover letter.
  • Be concise. Clear communication is central to marketing. While it’s smart to tell a story in your cover letter, don’t ramble on, and on… and on.

Many marketing roles require the following skills: writing, ideation, design, collaboration, creativity, expression, analytical knowledge, social media experience, marketing channel expertise, and storytelling abilities. All of these tasks help establish a company’s brand and increase sales.

Check out how to integrate these skills in the marketing cover letter sample below:

Download this cover letter sample.

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Monroe Marketing
123 Design Road
Portland, OR 12345
(888) 888-8888

Application Date

Marketing Department
XYZ Agency
Portland, OR 12345

Dear Ms. Nichole Carson,

When I was 7 years old, I completed my first marketing project: hand-made flyers for my lemonade stand. I am energized by creative work and after speaking with a recruiter from your agency, I am excited by the chance to apply for your open Marketing Coordinator position.

In May 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University College. I am passionate about innovative marketing materials that communicate a company’s message. My academic background, marketing experience, and design skills have prepared me well for this position.

Academic background. The following courses have prepared me for this role with XYZ Company: Marketing Research, Strategies in Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Applied Microeconomics, and Product Development.

Marketing experience. In college, I served as the Marketing Chair of the Aspiring Minority Business Leaders Organization at University College, I coordinated recruitment and social media campaigns. I increased our Instagram following by 2,400 students in the first year and improved our engagement rate by 15%.

Communication skills. Effective communication is central to my work. In the past two years, I have written and distributed bi-weekly, 4-page newsletters to an international team of 435 managers across 8 countries.

I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and would excel at developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns for XYZ Agency. I would be thrilled to join your creative team of professionals. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Monroe Marketing


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