Skipping Straight to the Right Fit: Jeffrey and DocuSign's Story



Now, more than ever, time is precious. At Chegg, we know that every employer has better things to do than spend hours sorting through near-identical resumes—and students have better things to do than apply to hundreds of jobs in the hopes of getting a single offer.

Chegg CareerMatch connects students with great career opportunities and connects employers with the best-fit new talent. Rather than applying to countless positions (and overflowing employer inboxes), students take a series of detailed soft and hard skills assessments. We then match our employer partners with the pre-assessed candidates who meet their unique business needs, saving companies time and money.

Jeffrey, UC Santa Cruz

Like many students, Jeffrey, a computer science major at UC Santa Cruz, started his junior year with the goal of gaining hands-on experience through an internship. However, completing applications was a full-time, discouraging job.  “I knew that I wanted a great internship, where I could stretch myself and become a better developer. But for a long time, I didn’t hear back from anyone. It’s really hard to show a company why you’re a great fit through an online application,” he explains.

He already used Chegg’s student services, so he decided to take Chegg’s back-end developer skills assessment. “Based on my results, they reached out to tell me I’d be a great fit for DocuSign’s software engineering internship,” Jeffrey says. “From then on, the process was quick and seamless. Chegg immediately connected me to DocuSign’s hiring managers, and I had an offer that week. I couldn’t have done this myself. I’m so grateful to Chegg for getting me here and to DocuSign for creating fulfilling internship experiences, even in the middle of the COVID crisis.”