Hiring Success Despite COVID: Natalie & CDK Global’s Story



Employees and employers alike are facing newfound challenges and tough decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment is skyrocketing and entire offices have moved online in the blink of an eye. For college students and recent graduates, however, this is a particularly scary new world. Their campuses have shuttered, many of their internships have been canceled, and now, they are moving towards an uncertain future.

15 million college students trust Chegg, and now, we want to help those students find great career opportunities. Early this year, we launched Chegg CareerMatch, which allows students to measure their job readiness through detailed hard and soft skills assessments. We then review their results and match them with our employer partners, saving applicants and employers valuable time, money, and energy.

Natalie, California Polytechnic

Natalie, a junior majoring in computer science at California Polytechnic, recently signed up with Chegg CareerMatch. “I’d applied to dozens of positions, but all of my interviews got canceled because of COVID. It was incredibly discouraging to get the same bad news over and over—and that’s if I even heard back,” says Natalie. “Then, I decided to complete a Chegg skills assessment. They had me take a series of hard and soft skills assessments.”

Natalie was unsure if she’d hear back and returned to doing applications. Then, three days later, she got an email. “I was so surprised and excited when Chegg reached out just a few days later. They introduced me to a role with CDK Global,” explains Natalie.

Chegg CareerMatch improves the hiring experience for both students and employers, meeting companies’ unique needs by delivering a diverse, vetted applicant pool while providing personalized feedback for students.

“A CDK hiring manager immediately called to set up an interview, and I had an offer within days. Everything was smooth and stress-free,” confirms Natalie. “I would never have known about CDK Global, and I wouldn’t have gained this valuable professional experience, without Chegg!”