Finding the Talent in the Haystack: Yiru & DocuSign’s Story



In this competitive market, a single job opening can garner hundreds of applications. Sorting through so many applicants takes time and effort that are already in short supply, and resumes alone just aren’t enough to accurately recognize top talent.

Because no one is perfect when it comes to finding the ideal candidates to fit their needs—even if they’re right in front of you—we created Chegg CareerMatch. Students take detailed soft and hard skills assessments, which we review, analyze, and rank. Then, we connect employers with these proven candidates, so you know you’re seeing the best-fit applicants.

Yiru, University of Washington

Yiru, an aspiring software engineer at the University of Washington, began applying to dozens of positions last fall. It was a challenging, drawn-out process, but he was determined to succeed. As one of 15 million students who use Chegg’s student services, Yiru trusted Chegg to help him find the perfect role. He wanted to put his programming skills front and center, so he completed a detailed Chegg skills assessment.

“Employers are getting so many applicants lately that it’s easy to get lost,” he explains. “Plus, the process can take forever. After completing a skills assessment with Chegg, I got matched and recommended to DocuSign, an exciting, growing company. Days later, I was interviewing with the hiring manager, and I got an offer right away.”

Chegg CareerMatch streamlines the hiring process for applicants and employers alike, ensuring great candidates don’t get lost in the shuffle. “The process was fast and easy,” Yiru confirms. “It was a terrific experience from start to finish!”